Saturday, November 18, 2017

Message to Jaime Herrera that she will, no doubt, ignore: Until you fix your own House, keep your mouth shut about anyone elses.

(I put this up on both of her FB pages.  I'm sure they'll never see the light of day)

Seven years you've been in Congress.  You had no problem whatsoever, joining our 2 democrat US Senators in beating the hell out of then-candidate Donald Trump over a tape and, in so doing, screwing this district out of any White House help, like for example, in solving our cross-river transportation problems which, as you know, you have done nothing about.

Help me understand this.

You KNEW this sort of garbage was going on in Congress.

You KNEW that millions of our dollars had been paid to insure the silence of the victims.

And you said NOTHING about your own colleagues in all of those years.

Hypocrite, much?

Well, now's your chance to actually DO something, unlike wasting our time like you have been.

What say you drop a bill requiring the names of all the perpetrators (268 over the past 10 years) as well as the amounts awarded ($17 million+ in total) because of their actions to each victim and the details of what they've done (while keeping the names of the victims redacted) and that this bill also includes a requirement that makes those engaging in this sort of activity PERSONALLY LIABLE... instead of hanging the bill on us.

I get that such a move on your part would require at least SOME courage, which until now, you've never shown.

Given your proven cowardice, (HOW many open town hall meetings have you held?  WHEN was the last one?) I'm not going to hold my breath.  But when it comes to this subject, unless you're willing to act against your own colleagues?

Keep your mouth shut about anyone else.

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