Monday, November 20, 2017

Email to Sens Murray, Cantwell and Rep. Herrera: time to be bipartisan for real, this time.

Addressed to Senators Murray and Cantwell, as well as to Congresswoman Herrera.

I am writing you in the hopes of answering two different questions:

First, you've all served in Congress generally and the Senate and the House particularly, for at least seven years, and in the Senator's cases, at least 17 years.

During the time you've been there, just over the past 10 years or so alone, 268 unnamed perpetrators have been identified as the causes for millions of dollars in settlements.

As members of Congress... Senators and a Congresswoman... You knew.

You knew... and you said nothing.

You knew and you DID nothing.

You inaction... was acquiescence.

Your silence makes you an accomplice.  It makes you complicit.

Why?  Why did you remain silent?

You had no problem whatsoever calling out Candidate Trump for what seems to be far less.

You have no problem protecting Senator Franken with your silence now, today.

So many are calling for US Senate Candidate Roy Moore to withdraw.  Even Republicans don't care if they lose the seat in Alabama, as somehow forcing Moore to withdraw (if such a thing were possible) would inevitably result in the loss of the seat.  Those leading the GOP despise Judge Moore's politics and know he would oppose the establishment... and they would rather he lose and make it even more difficult to implement President Trump's agenda than it is now.

But who among you... or anyone else in Congress... is demanding the same for Sen. Franken?

Typically, Rep. Herrera is silent as she usually is on most any controversial issue... although strangely, she had no problem throwing this district under the bus during the presidential campaign when all three of you were so convinced that Candidate Trump would never be President Trump.

You were "champions of women."



Not so much.

To my question:  Why were you silent?

All those years... You KNEW.  And your silence GUARANTEED more assaults, more harassment, and more pain for more victims.

You KNEW... and you did nothing.


The second question is this:

What are you going to do to get the list of the 268 offenders released?

Because it is a moral imperative for politicians who have been so judgmental in the past for political reasons to be judgmental NOW for moral reasons.

This is beyond political party.  This is beyond government.  This is beyond power.

The hypocrisy of being outspoken on women's causes... the Hillary Clinton to the Bill Clinton... cannot be overstated.

You've been "bipartisan" when it suited you.

How about being "bipartisan now?

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