Wednesday, May 07, 2014

UPDATED (15): My LOCAL "do not elect" list.

As the election spools up, I'll be posting this and frequently updating it as candidate's are disqualified from consideration by their positions, their cowardice or their supporters.

These are in no particular order.

"NO" on the charter - a legal coup attempt to overturn the 2012 commissioner election.

While I could have supported a charter IF it had been limited to nothing BUT the initiative/referendum process, the scum who hate that they've lost control of the commission even suggested that we accept an obviously unconstitutional restriction on the right of County Employees to run for partisan office.

This will be updated to counter the lies of the leftists shilling this... and to bring the truth to those seeking it.

Shane Gardner - Clark County Sheriff

Gardner has had problems.

He's quite the megalomaniacal individual, a badge-happy social worker who seems rather confused about what the role of sheriff actually is supposed to be:

Specifically, to arrest the bad guys and let the system deal with them.  That's who I want is sheriff.  And a result of Garner's relative lack of experience and confusion as to both his law enforcement (I'm here to arrest the bad guys) function and his political identity (I'm told this guy is scamming independents with his bogus, non-political party meme) makes it a no-brainer to put him on my do not elect list.

And NOW, to appeal to his leftist base, he's inferring that the riots in Ferguson are the fault of the police while failing to express any concern over those whose businesses have been destroyed by these thugs.

Scott Weber - Clark County Clerk.

Ran on a platform (That I supported) of eliminating the position as an elective office.  Has done little to nothing to make that happen, save to file for re-election..,. when he should have been banging on the freeholders to put this change in as part of the charter vote.

Mussolini Mikey Briggs -  CRC Scammer and wannabe state representative.

Something of an odd duck, Briggs has spent the last two years fantasizing about our legislators ignoring everyone else to do his bidding.  A RABID CRC Scammer who could care less that the people of this district hate the CRC and loot rail with a passion, Briggs is getting zero traction except from typical fringe-leftists and their ilk.

That, in and of itself is not why he's on this list, however.  Neither democrat running in the 18th has even a remote chance of winning.  What gets him on this list is the exact same thing as Dingethal: he's terrified of making his positions on the lightning-rod issues of our times here locally public and as a result, he refuses to answer any questions concerning his support of issues opposed by the majority of the entirety of this district.

He spent the last several months proclaiming HE could represent ALL of the people of this district, but has ignored repeated requests to explain how, for example, he would represent ME or anyone else opposed to that massive rip off of a loot rail project that he is so enamored of.

Ignoring constituents, actually or prospective, is automatic grounds for addition to this list.

Maureen "Bully" Winningham - CRC Scammer and fringe-left partisan hack.

Bully is one of the most strident, blustery, inept and lying candidates I have ever seen.  And I've been in politics for a paltry 24 years or so.

Like Musso Mikey, Bully isn't getting any traction and is, in fact, becoming increasingly disliked.

Just for one example: When she finished her imitation of Der Fuhrer at the democrat goat rope, she got a standing ovation of two: her kid and that poor unfortunate soul she's married to.

An executive in a corporation with a MASSIVE outsourcing program, she lies unnecessarily showing she has issues somewhat beyond the political realm.  And like her fellow fringe-left challenge candidate, she refuses to answer any questions concerning her bizarre political positions on any of the issues.

While it's just sad... she shouldn't really be considered for election to anything, let alone a so-called representative of the people.

Greg Kimsey - CRC Scammer and wannabe county executive and county auditor.

Greg has shown himself during his tenure to be an effective accountant.  He runs elections very well.  But he's also done all he can to lighten his load, supporting, among other things, this motor voter-idiocy that allows any biped, regardless of citizenship or legal status, to register to vote like they're an American citizen, not to mention allowing convicted felons to vote without restoring their voting rights.  (It's much easier, administratively that way, you see.)  Nor has he done anything to show that he's suitable for governance, never having been elected to any type of leadership office.

Now, he's joined with fellow CRC Scammer and leftist Steve Stuart, who using both Greg Kimsey AND Peter Van Nortwick to try and save a floundering political career that is likely going to end next year... like his buddy Marc Boldt's ended last year.  Combine this with his obvious downtown mafia connections and what have you got?

Selling out to the left is both a RINO trait AND a reason to be place on the "do not elect" list.  And Greg deserves it.

Peter Van Nortwick - County Assessor and wannabe county commissioner.

No one alive defended Peter against the democratian or the left more than I have.  Sadly, because of his misplaced belief in his political acumen and his political ambition, Van Nortwick has now become the left's best friend in their efforts to perform a legal coup to overturn the results of the county commissioner election that saw control of local government ripped out of the hands of the special interests who had been calling the shots forever.

Things aren't going all that well in Van Nortwick's shop,.  And between his mismanagement, his RINO tendencies (He was RINO Rob McKenna's guy in Clark County, and he failed to deliver.) and his blind ambition, he's also qualified for the "do-not-elect" list.

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