Saturday, May 03, 2014

Why I will not be supporting Scott Weber for County Clerk.

While most leftists would likely dispute it, the fact is that my meager effort here is non-partisan.

I attack those of all political stripes when I feel they rate it, regardless of the letter after their name.

When I believe you've lied, cheated or otherwise dishonored the system, I'll say so.

Locally, for example, I refuse to vote for those who mail it in, or who believe they're something special and that they can lie their way into office.

Act against the will of this community and you make my List.

Do what you can to silence the people; actively oppose the rights and will of the people?

And you make my List.

And that is why I cannot support Scott Weber.

From all accounts, Scott has done a solid job as County Clerk.  But it takes more than that.

Elective office is a public trust too often disregarded by those who, through fair means or foul, achieve the end of being elected at any cost... to forget the pledges and promises they made to get the job in the first place.

I cannot, for example, be opposed to a clown... a lying political slut like Tim "The Liar" Leave-it who was elected by lying about his position on tolls for the CRC/loot rail Scam... and not then oppose the re-election of someone who, by all appearances, lied concerning his desire to eliminate the elective office of County Clerk as one of his chief platform planks.

He has had a golden opportunity to make that happen by making that demand to the freeholders, for example.  I've not only not seen him there to make that demand, I've heard nothing about it.

None of the county offices beyond commissioner should be elective.  I don't care who might hold those offices... the letter after the name is meaningless.

But to my knowledge, Weber has made zero effort to implement such a plan.  And that is where I object.

His failure to make a concerted effort to do what he claimed he wanted to do during his election makes him the same, in my mind, as Tim Leavitt.  And I don't want Timmy anywhere in government.

I avoid situational ethics.  And this is me, avoiding that.  And as a result, Weber is on my local "do not elect" list and there he will stay.

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