Saturday, May 03, 2014

Decoding the Lies and OCD of Lefty Lou.

Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehension, fear, or worry; by repetitive behaviors aimed at reducing the associated anxiety; or by a combination of such obsessions and compulsions.
For those like Lefty Lou, it's a tragedy.  For those in a community where a psycho has a position of visibility, it's a crime.

But those who afflicted with this kind of behavior, particularly when combined with an ego the size of Chicago, clearly have lost touch with reality to the point that with every behavior, every expression of the accompanying narcissism, every homage to the fringe-left roots of a publishing neo-communist amounts to positive earned media everywhere except in the obsolete caves of the democratian from whence it emanates.

Today's series of lies and exaggerations damages the author far more than the subjects of his fiction.

And I get it.  I really do.

It's another chapter of "Poor Lou... he can't hep it... he was born with a silver keyboard in his mouth" (Doing an Ann Richards riff) and his obsession... along with the subsequent lies he uses to reinforce that meme... show a level of psychosis that exceeds "disturbing" geometrically.

For a scumbag like Lefty, who did everything he could to whine about what others have "done" to this county in the face of what HE wanted to do it?  Well hell, that's just the type of hypocrisy that cancer on our community is known for.

Lefty wanted to build a ballpark and tax the rest of the county to pay for it so HE could make bank off it for that rag he works for.

Lefty wanted us to remain silent in the face of multiple opportunities to express our hatred of his pet project, the CRC/loot rail scam... even when he KNEW there was what amounted to corruption.  "Hold his nose and move the project forward," he told us.  Rotten to the core with the people deliberately excluded from the development by CRC policy.

Lefty wanted us to be burdened with a vampire-like set of fangs buried in our economic jugular for the next 45 years-plus, sucking a $100,000,000 a year out of our local economy to begin with...

And Lefty whines about what OTHERS have "done" to this county?

That's some HIGH-level hypocrisy you got going on their Lou!

And here's the thing: I would give a rat's ass if they had hired some low-life scum like you to do the job of environmental director.  If that's a sin, it pales in comparison to the accomplishments and achievements of their work in killing off the decade's long idiocy of the CRC Scam that you wound up looking like such a moron over.

In the end, you lost.  You lied, repeatedly, to get this garbage built:  you bashed those of us who opposed you and the downtown special interests who tried to rape this community... and you got your ass kicked countywide on a variety of issues... and certainly, a variety of candidates (I bet it REALLY gripes your shorts that we even HAVE a "Commissioner Madore" and a "Commissioner Mielke, given your amateurish and typically ineffective efforts to keep that from happening) just like you would in the face of the re-election efforts of Madore and Mielke.

While you cling to your defeat and humiliation, and claim that this is all about what THEY have "twisted this county into," in reality, I know better.  You're a punk, Lou.  A bully.  You pound on people using words because you know they can't pound back... except where it matters most:

The polls.

You lie when it suits you.  You "twist" when it suits you.  You charge others with the very things you are most guilty... and most unsuccessful... in achieving yourself.

You operate not based on what's best for this community.

You operate on hatred of others and your own self-loathing.

Today's example?

Many who clicked on to your propaganda... a column that you have at least partially published in your hatred at least 50 times before... clicked off it again after reading yet another start to yet another of your weekly hate-spewing rants against Madore/Mielke/Benton.

And I get that as well.  Writing the same thing about those you hate, over and over and over, doesn't require any imagination or work on your part: you're just kinda on autopilot, exhibiting the laziness you've exhibited for years.

And it's as if don't even give a shit.

See, people would have had to wade through your weekly tripe to get to the something "different," aspect of your waste of ink.  And your hatred runs so deep that you would... how do you people in the obsolete media put it... "bury the lede?"

A journalist would have led with the city's idiocy.  Its typical city stupidity and arrogance, the variety that you've not only let them get away with for so many years, but the kind you've actually joined with them in perpetrating.  Actually, you pointing any of this out is rather odd, given your acquiescence to it up until now is kind of weird.

But your hatred runs so deep that you could not even hold the city accountable without dragging the commissioners into it even though they obviously had nothing tom do with that stupidity... the kind of moronic governance the city government of the Vancouver Soviet is known for.

It makes it so easy for those who think for themselves to dismiss you.  And your constant whining and bitching and moaning and complaining  because first, you lost some critical elections and then... you lost that which you had placed all of your surprisingly limited prestige and stature into: the entirety of the CRC/Loot rail scam.

And then, to top it all off, you lied about the purpose and intent of the Bi-state Bridge Coalition, a pathetic effort to have the tail wag the dog, deliberately misleading the people into believing it's the one thing it isn't: an effort to resurrect the zombie bridge from hell.

With each week of your whining and sniveling and increasing irrelevance... you become just that much more pathetic of a specimen.

And the saddest thing?

You have no one to blame but yourself.

You COULD have been a force for good... for character and integrity... instead of the punch line of a region-wide joke.

And as you drive the rag you run into its next... and hopefully final complete bankruptcy... when you accomplish THAT feat?

Neither you nor your rag will be missed.

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