Friday, May 02, 2014

While partially the Lazy C's fault, Paul Montague goes full idiot mode.

Of all the shills and thugs making bank off for the CRC Scam, Paul Montague was the whiniest, scummiest of the lot.

There's a reason sources tell me he was fired from Identity Vancouver: He had one job and he couldn't get it done.  And in being the bitch for the special interests downtown, he managed to do everything possible to alienate everyone his organization needs while accomplishing, frankly, nothing but his own embarrassment.

Now, I get that the democratian screwed up the story that would lead the dull-normal like Montague to snivel that replacing the I-5 Bridge is the primary purpose of the Bi-State Bridge Committee.  If the rag was possessed of any long-abandoned integrity, they do another story to clarify what's actually going on.

But when trained monkeys like Montague react6 this way... the way the rag wanted... then why would they, truth and integrity notwithstanding?

While I get that the CRC/loot rail scam was Lefty Lou and Montague's civic wet dream, so to speak, no matter how much they fantasize or punish the commissioners for out-witting their efforts to ram that crap pile down our collective throats, the fact is that the BBC is designed to look at EVERY possible solution for cross-river traffic issues.  And the I-5 Bridge, which already exists and continues to be both safe AND an irritant to slimeballs like Montague, is WAYYYYY down the list and nothing of a priority to replace when compared with the other available options.

The rag, for whatever the reason, chose not to report that truth, instead making the dim-witted like Montague over-simplify that which he shows complete ignorance about.

Thus, his moronic hissy-fit against one of the lead causes of his humiliation and complete irrelevance.

Paul Montague is a loser.  Not only that, he's a bad loser.  The people of this community have spoken REPEATEDLY about his personal loot rail project, and the fact is that the vast majority of the actual representatives of this county reflected the will of the people they represented to his dismay.

The result?  Montague was fired and came up with a bogus, non-sensical and likely non-existent "I'm a bully and I'm going to beat up politicians who stopped me" PAC that no one not having a legislative death wish will donate a dime towards.

And being the petulant, 3rd grade punk he is, he's left to resort to this kind of bullshit:

Letter: Rivers not one to take bridge lead

Why would anyone willingly work with Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center, on a new Interstate 5 Bridge replacement project?  
Rivers spent the past two years doing everything in her power to kill the $3.4 billion regional Columbia River Crossing project that had more than $170 million in planning and more than 15 years of time invested by the feds, Washington and Oregon, and communities on both sides of the Columbia. She told the feds, Governors Jay Inslee and John Kitzhaber, the Oregon Legislature, Washington state House and Senate Democrats that they could all do things her way or hit the road. The Majority Coalition Caucus blocked Washington funding for the CRC and several major transportation-funding packages because of her opposition.  
The corpse of the CRC is barely cold, when here comes Rivers with her attempt at putting together a new effort for an Interstate 5 replacement bridge.  
Any credible effort to put together a new replacement for the Interstate 5 bridge should be headed up by someone with the character and integrity to not pull the rug out from under the efforts of everyone involved in creating such a new crossing. Ann Rivers is not that person.  
Paul Montague
The corpse of Paul Montague's relevance has been frozen stiff for years.  Montague, a lying scumbag, is hardly in a position to lecture OTHERS about "character and integrity."  That he's pissed off because Rivers, Benton, Madore and Mielke prevailed against his idiocy doesn't give him any special cache' on those subject given his frequently demonstrated lack of either.

NOW is the time for adults to take over from the punks like Montague, Parker, Molehill, that dimbulb Cleveland and all the others who lied, exaggerated and ignored the people of this community for the 15 years they shut us out from the process and all of their smoke-filled, back room deals.

Enjoy your unemployment, you fucking idiot.  You deserve it.   


Lew Waters said...

Montague is an ass. Nothing but sour grapes. They could have had the bridge all along, but he is not honest enough to admit what we all know, it wasn't a bridge project, it was a light rail project.

And that is why it was fought, voters rejected light rail, but jerks like Montague decided to say screw the voters and force it in anyway.

He lost and now will oppose anything else out of pure spite.

ralph said...

Confirmed. Montague was asked to leave Identity Clark County.

There will be a few more spews, sputters and a spittle or two as he retreats from the limelight....

Likened to moths attracted to the light....

It will be hard, Montague. There are interventions for this, just say, "no" to the limelight and walk away....