Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Why I will vote "no" on the charter and urge others to do the same.

Acknowledge the basic hypocrisy of this entire issue: if Stuart and Boldt were still running things, we wouldn't even be having this discussion.

If it were Pridemore, Morris and Stanton, this wouldn't even be a footnote.

This has become nothing more nor less than a blatant attempt to wrest power from the commissioners because the leftist don't like being out of power.  Partisan hackery with an official veneer.  And the result?

This thing will fail.

First, I want a charter for the right reasons.

I want a charter because for far too long, many in government (The Liar Leavitt, and Slimeball "I only speak for Steve" Stuart immediately come to mind) choose to ignore the will of the people... even when that will has been expressed at the polls.  As a result, I want to have a say: a charter with initiative powers provides that say.

Secondly, I want a charter based on what is right for this county, partisan hatred aside.

There is only ONE reason for Clark County to become a charter county, and that is because it's best for the people of this county if that were to happen.

Instead, this is a bald-faced effort to punish those calling the shots right now, "best for the county" be damned...

The same hypocrites who, for example, put a blatantly unconstitutional clause in this effort:
On top of those decisions, freeholders agreed to add a provision to the charter that would disallow any county employee from holding a partisan elective office. That language is a direct reaction to the county's hiring last May of state Sen. Don Benton to oversee the department of environmental services. That decision was seen as a controversial move.
By their actions, they acknowledge that pure partisanship is what motivates them.  This isn't about what's best... it's about trying to punish people.

They can no more restrict a county employee from running for a partisan office than they can fly.

But that's not the point of this soon-to-be-deleted section.  The point is that instead of making a decision that's based on calm, non-partisan, factual deliberation, they are unconstitutionally infringing on the rights of not only Sen. Benton (Whom even the paper acknowledges this punitive decision was based on) but they are also infringing on the rights of hundreds of others.

Effectively, this convicts the entirety of those who approved this idiocy without even knowing or acknowledging that it wouldn't even apply to Benton (Ex post facto and all that) while restricting hundreds of other county employees from, for example, running for the part time gig of County Commissioner, which will still be quite partisan.

Assuming this unconstitutional, partisan effort to get rid of Benton or force him out of the Senate remains in the charter... how long would it take Benton to challenge it in court... resulting in a possible delay so that it misses the general election altogether?

Hatred can and frequently does make people stupid.

Those who voted for this, violating their oath, duty and obligation... some even admittedly, are an example of that.

This is shaping up to be a platform based on hatred instead of a platform based on what is best for the people of this county, not only today... but also in the distant future.  The shortsighted leftist plans to use it as a cudgel against the current commissioners?  That kills the deal for me.

And finally, as I've already posited, each and every effort based on partisan hatred loads this Christmas tree up with leftist baubles and lights... and makes it much more likely to cause it to fail... just like the last one.

Each and every item added makes it that much more likely to cause someone to object to it.

The BEST chance is for the leftists to STFU and pass a clean charter/county initiative program and NOTHING else.

I WOULD vote for that.

As for the rest of this idiocy: if the people want it following passage of this charter, then the people can use the initiative provision to get it.

So, the fringe-left nutters on the freeholder board are so soaked in their hatred that they fail to see that the hatred they espouse puts the entirety of this process at risk for abysmal failure.

And as long as this is ANYTHING but a clean initiative, I am and will remain a no.

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