Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Looks like Marc Boldt wants to be a commissioner again.

As I was reviewing the latest freeholder debacle (An unconstitutional restriction on county employees running for partisan office) I cam across this tidbit:
The board also reiterated a previous decision to slash the commissioners' salaries in half, to $53,000 a year. That move was taken to signify that under the proposed charter, the five county commissioners would be considered part-time county councilmembers. 
Not all the freeholders agreed with the decision, though, which was why it was readdressed at Tuesday's meeting. 
Freeholder Marc Boldt, himself a former county commissioner, said he thought $53,000 a year was too low. 
"A county commissioner needs to know everything about everything, especially about growth management," Boldt said. If they worked only part-time, he added, the elected board members could end up hiring more support staff to assist with policy decisions, which would ultimately cost the county more. 
By and large, however, the freeholders were on board with dropping the salaries, saying they were commensurate with a part-time position.
Marc, who was kicked to the curb by his fellow democrats ASAP after the last election, clearly believes that somehow, he can put his idiocy of supporting the CRC Scam and the efforts to keep the county silent on the matter by lying about the constitutionality of an advisory vote on the subject, clearly wants back in and just as clearly wants the big bucks to do it.

If he runs... and to me, it doesn't matter who else is running, I will continue on in my efforts to keep him out of my government.

The kind of arrogance, manipulability, lack of awareness and tin ear that he displayed as a county commissioner in everything from voting for an unconstitutional gun grabbing clause in the county ordinances to his failure to speak for the people of this county on the CRC Scam makes it impossible for him to run against anyone with a decent campaign to frame the argument.

During his time in office, Boldt was just as responsible for the damage that Leave-it and Stuart caused this community as they are.  And that cannot be rewarded with an additional term to damage us further.

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