Wednesday, April 09, 2014

WW reports: CRC still alive.

Maintaining it's status as the Zombie Bridge, the only newspaper around that still even remotely practices something akin to journalism, the Willamette Week, shocked observers with the story that the CRC Scam is STILL alive.

Here's how:
  • We’ve seen this one before: State officials declare the Columbia River Crossing project dead, then find a way to keep it alive. Gov. John Kitzhaber labeled the CRC a goner after the Legislature in February refused to go along with an Oregon-only plan to build the $2.8 billion Interstate Bridge and light-rail project. But lawyers for the feds and the state recently told a federal judge they still hope the project can get funded. They made that surprising claim in a federal lawsuit brought by the Coalition for a Livable Future, a Portland advocacy group seeking to block the CRC on environmental grounds. If the project truly were dead, the coalition’s lawsuit would be moot. But on March 18, project lawyers sought and received a stay that keeps the CRC alive for another year. Oregon Department of Transportation spokesman Dave Thompson says ODOT will not seek CRC funding. Critics are skeptical. “I’m very concerned,” says Maura Gross, the coalition’s executive director. “The governor indicated this project was shutting down, but what’s happening in the litigation tells a different story.” 
Obviously, eternal vigilance will be the price of our freedom from this idiocy.


Jack Buckmeir said...

We killed it once, we can kill it again. or maybe we'll get the bridge at 192nd instead.

Lew Waters said...

Anybody ever thinking the CRC was dead is a fool.

And, once they bring it back, there is that little 40-page contract obligating us to a $5 Million payout if we refuse their light rail and granting eminent domain to Trimet.

Unless, of course, it is terminated. And I see no effort of that.

Consider too, why are still pushing BRT down Fourth Plain if they do not believe light rail is coming?

There is no other need for BRT other than to give a straight shot between a light rail station at Clark College and Vancouver Mall.

BOHICA, it will be back.