Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Patella doubles down on his mistake concerning Rivers, Pike and the BBC.

I get that it's difficult to admit when you are flat out wrong.  And this morning, Larry Patella showed us an example... in spades.

Yesterday, I fired a few broadsides into his misled and ignorant statements concerning the efforts by Rep. Pike and Sen. Rivers to address the cross-river transportation issues confronting us.

He blew it in every imaginable way, stirring up a hornet's nest with people who actually believe what he writes because, well, he writes it.

But yesterday, he was dead wrong in every dimension.

So, today, he doubled down by telling us that no effort should be made to fix these transportation issues.


And that's idiocy of the highest order.
Good morning, 

I have been getting a lot of flak and have been taken to the woodshed for having the audacity to question the need or the reasons for a Bistate Bridge Coalition. 

 Why?  When we have not  yet received any information from any State or Local Politician concerning the status of the Secret and in my opinion Illegal contract between Clark County’s C-Tran and Portland Tri-Met that will allow Portland’s Tri – Met to: 

1. Invade Vancouver and Clark County and use our eminent domain laws to confiscate private property. 

2. Build, with Vancouver and Clark County Dollars, the CRC complete with Light Rail.  

3. Impose outrageous Bridge Tolls for Vancouver & Clark County voters and taxpayers to pay. Oregon gets to keep all the money. 

4. To fine Vancouver and Clark County Voters and Taxpayers $5,000,000 dollars if we don’t allow ourselves to be DICTATED to.   

So, what we have here is a demand that nothing be done.  Period.

The unconstitutional agreement with TriMet is, of course, irrelevant to this matter:  the idea that no discussion should take place until that idiotic, unenforceable contract is torn up is, quite simply, insane.

We should explore every avenue available to determine a transportation plan that will fit this community and gain the support of the people.

Waiting around for the clowns who voted that stupidity in to admit they screwed up should not be any condition to such discussions.

Yesterday, Larry's outrageous email screwed the pooch big-time, by insulting two of the staunchest defenders of the people we have in or community. 

What Larry SHOULD have done, before he fired off his mouth like it was an 8 inch cannon, was check with the principles involved instead of relying on the local Pravda to get his information.

After all these years, he should have known better.  As an office and a gentleman, he should admit he screwed it up, apologize to the Senator, to the Representative and to everyone else who received that email and then move on.

Everyone, you see, can make a mistake.  The trick is to admit it when you do, instead of acting like Lou Brancaccio was paying you to lie... like he does with the staff unfortunate enough to work for him.

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Tiberius the Elder said...

Larry has been the first one to call the fish wrapper on their shoddy reporting for a long time. Now he takes their ill informed article as the gospel...tough to figure.