Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Five months gone: Dingethal still won't answer.

My blog effort is hardly Drudge-like in readership.  But I typically get 600 to 800 hits a day... sometimes more on the hot issues... generally trending upwards as the election closes in on us.

This is, after all, the blog that nobody reads but everyone gets upset about.

Dishonest politicians are typically frightened people.  They fear being found out.  They fear being held accountable for their actions.  Does the phrase "dishonest" apply to Bob Dingethal?


Back in the day, the West Point Honor Code was "I will neither lie, nor cheat nor steal nor allow a misleading silence to continue... nor tolerate anyone who does."

Now, I don't know that Dingethal has lied... particularly any more than any other democrat lies.

I CERTAINLY don't know (Or believe) that he has cheated or stolen anything.

But he is guilty as hell of "allowing a misleading silence to continue."

So are Mussolini Mikey Briggs and Bully Winningham.  (Winningham has been, and is, a liar, but doesn't particularly apply to Dingethal.  Musso is self-delusional, but relatively harmless otherwise.)

What they ALL have in common is this:  They are ALL allowing a "misleading silence to continue" when it comes to the ISSUES.

FIVE MONTHS AGO, I asked Bob Dingethal, who wants to be MY congressman, where he was at on the CRC Scam and repealing the idiocy of Obamacare's rape of our health care system.

He refused to answer then... he's refused to answer repeatedly SINCE then, and at some point, he WILL have to.

But to be so frightened of his positions that he refuses to state what they are?

That is just sad and pathetic... and it goes to the problem the leftists have these days:  they are terrified of the positions they MUST take to keep democrat support.  So, they just follow the example of Obama by refusing to answer and hoping for the best.

Folks, there's a reason these clowns can't raise any money.  Seriously.

Think about it.

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