Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Patella blows it on the Bistate Bridge Coalition issue, thanks to the lies of the Lazy C.

This email made the rounds today:
Good Morning, 

I am a little late getting this info out as my broadcast email system was down. 

You can only imagine how disappointed I was to read in the April 29th edition of the Fish Wrapper the Headline. 


The first question that came to my mind is “what the hell is it that our local politicians do not understand about representative Government?”  

Are the politicians who have volunteered to serve on this Bi-state Coalition led by Republican Liz Pike and Democrat Ann Rivers ignorant of our wishes?   Have they not heard loud and clear from those they are duty bound to represent that: 

a.    We do not need or want the I-5 interstate bridge replaced. It is, as stated by numerous reports, a perfectly good bridge.  It didn’t even get honorable mention on a list of bridges throughout the USA that need to be worked on. 

b.    That some 200 million of our hard earned tax dollars have already been wasted on this Boondoggle and we don’t want another dime of our hard earned tax dollars spent on what is sure to become known as the Pike/Rivers Folly. 

I am aware that this is an election year and those who will be seeking re-election need to get their name out there.  However those who have joined the proposed Pike/Rivers coalition have turned their backs on those they ‘represent.’  They oviously[sic] have forgotten those of us who spent endless hours and tens of thousands of our hard earned dollars defeating the CRC?  

 Most of all they have forgotten who put them in their “CUSHIONED SEATS OF AUTHORITY. 

I have no idea what it is they do not understand about the word “NO” but they may after the November elections. 

And so it goes, 

Larry Patella

CDR USN (ret) 

I can almost not blame Larry, who is usually righter than he is wrong.

The misleading lies of the democratian were designed to get this very reaction.

There is no emphasis on the I-5 Bridge in this effort.  The emphasis is on solving the cross-river transportation problems that are STILL confronting us, CRC or no.

The idea is multiple bridges with no light rail, an implementation and modification of the multiple-bridge RTC plan of 2008.

So, I get why some actually believe what the rag wrote.  But in this case, sounding like a fringe-left idiot whiny cry baby accomplishes nothing.  Insulting the only two representatives of the people... including, perhaps, the local senator the most responsible for killing the idiocy of the CRC who are actively working on our transportation issues today is inexcusable and Patella owes them... and us all... an apology.


PNW Patriot said...

I agree, Larry is reacting before listening in this case. I'm willing to listen to those who call for an open and transparent process to improve our regional transportation capacity. It's a reasonable starting place.

Lew Waters said...

He really blew it labeling Ann Rivers a "Democrat."

He knows very well she is a Republican