Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Commissioners delay appointment: dems flip out.

Kudos to Commissioners Madore and Mielke for taking their time on this one.

As you might expect, the fringe-left hypocrites (Who, if roles were reversed, would be doing EXACTLY the same fricking thing) are vapor locking over this decision.


When you operate on hatred as they do, you get what you deserve.

I was chatting about it with a buddy of mine today, when I offered up the following observation:

"If these guys found a cure for cancer, the fringe-left nutjobs would bitch about the shape of the test tubes."

There is no reason at all for the commissioners to make an early appointment.  None.

They will be hated no matter WHAT they do: the democrat they appoint will have precisely zero input in the deliberations because we all know they won't be there to provide input: their only purpose will be to sabotage and whine and moan and bitch and complain... even after whatever democrat running in the general gets his (or her) butt caved in at the polls.

Being fringe-leftists, they want what they want when they want it, state constitution be damned.

They, of course, want expatriate and Olympia resident Craig Pridemore.

Guess what?

Ain't happenin'.

The left is going to hate that... but then, the left is going to hate WHATEVER the commissioners do... so given that the law/state constitution is on the commissioner's side, why on earth should they do what the democrats want?

I'm still hoping that they pick Ed "The Buffoon" Barnes.  Then we can see a string of Republicans come in and pound his ignorant butt into the floor and he can see how HE likes it.

The left, being rank hypocrites and all, will whine like cut cats if Barnes gets hammered, but so what?  If they weren't rank hypocrites, they'd be as quiet about Barnes getting hammered as they were about Barnes doing the hammering.

Upon sober reflection, K.L. Parker has been the worst enemy of the people of this county of the 3: rewarding her years of lies and deliberate exaggerations to the press, to meetings of all stripes, to the legislatures of both states... she lied with a perfectly straight face for years, doing all she could to ram the horror of the CRC Light Rail Project down this county's throat... all while ignoring the people every step of the way to get the crap pile of the CRC Scam built... with an appointment?

Why would anyone do that?

She never gave a damn about what the people of this county wanted when it mattered... why would she care now?

Sources have been telling me for weeks that Parker believes she's getting the gig: sources have told me that she's informally told people that she'll be leaving the Chamber of Horrors THIS week to accept that appointment.  Other sources have told me today that she's informed them that she is NOT going to run for election... which seems likely, given her failure to file with the PDC.

Of course, Pridemore HAS filed...  as of March 20th, but he's only scammed $250 from his campaign treasurer.

Odd that he's not raising any money... or is it more likely that no one will give him any?

Neither of the other 2 has filed C1's yet.  So, by waiting until after filing, we'll have a better idea of who is REALLY interested in representing the people, and who is just pretending.

Right now, it seems that all three are faking it.


Marie LaRue said...

If I were on the Board I'd appoint the weakest link, so hopefully Barnes will get it. I'm curious, what would you hammer Barnes on (like he's done to Mielke and Madore)? As far as I know, he's a rather simple minded union thug. Not much there to take to task.

Just a guy said...

He was a CRC supporter as well, so the list of things to nail him on would at least include the CRC itself, lite rail, BRT, excluding the people from the process, being opposed to the advisory votes... supporting the Columbian's incessant attacks... his complete lack of civility... a great many issues can be brought up.