Wednesday, August 02, 2017

The inevitable loss of the GOP State Senate looms....

Here's the outcome of last night's primary in the 45th.

This outcome was inevitable.

RINO Senators fiddle while the GOP burns.

As expected, the morons in the GOP-controlled senate screwed up the Hirst fix AND just handed the election in the 45th to the democrats.

Where, once again, the GOP State Senate blew it on Hirst.

The RINO's in the Senate handed this election to the democrats by blowing a cannon-ball sized hole through the middle of the base.  With each of their RINO betrayals, they made this outcome inevitable.

Every time they voted like their name was Moeller instead of like a conservative;  each and every time they voted as if their constituencies didn't exist, kowtowing to the special interests that owned them... individually, if not collectively, they made the loss of the Senate as sure as sunrise.

Locally, we can blame this outcome on our own fake Republican Senators... who lie with an ease heretofore seen only in their democrat colleagues... like Wilson lied here:

Note that at 5:36 in this video, Wilson says, and I quote: "I just want you to know that every one in Clark County will be receiving a property tax that's going down."

Our County Assessor disagrees with them, of course, but what would HE know?
Tom, I think you are going to be in for a whole another level of stunned next year. We are working on the details and will release in August the increases just due to the new State budget combined with the local levy's for 2018. I can't do anything about it but warn the taxpayers. I can say for the typical home in Clark County they will see a 50% increase in their State School Taxes on next years tax bills.

This is the kind of thing that depressed GOP turnout.  It's the kind of thing that caused too many voters to ask themselves:  What the hell difference does it make WHO I vote for?

So, they stayed home.  And they will stay home in November, no matter how many hundreds of thousands of dollars the GOP wastes trying to hold a seat that's unwinnable... because of their own stupidity and foolishness.  No matter how much they try and scare us with "income tax" and "carbon tax" panic.

You see, those kinds of things MIGHT have been believable... if only the Senate hadn't screwed us and betrayed us so much that the reality is clear: it's entirely possible that the GOP-controlled Senate would ALSO pass an income tax, like they passed a statewide employee tax to pay for the stupidity of paid family leave... .4% of your pay checks going to their latest rip off... and who can forget Rivers lying about her gas tax vote betrayal, wherein she claimed that she HAD to vote for the gas tax/tab fee increases without asking us what we wanted at the ballot box... because her vote would stop Inslee's Carbon Tax scam effort... one of the biggest lies she's ever told... and she's told some whoppers.

It was, Rivers babbled... over and over... a "business decision," because "business decisions" trump her word... her pledge... every day and twice on Sundays, just like they taught her in church.

Next time you see "Gas Tax" Rivers or "WEA" Wilson around town, make sure you thank them for their service... for the democrats.

Because they sure haven't been serving their constituents.  But like Rivers said, screwing us was a "business decision."  And THEY... gave US... the "business."

Now, at the ballot box, it looks like they're getting "the business" back.

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