Sunday, April 16, 2017

On today's episode of "How is the GOP-controlled State Senate screwing us again?"

As most of you know by now, all too frequently, when folks get elected around here... but in most other places as well, they lose their fricking minds.

Locally, it's the county council, who governs like they're the city council of Baltimore.  Dominated by fake Republicans Boldt, Olsen, Stewart and that numbskull Blom-enidiot, there is nothing to differentiate these political scum from their leftist opponents from their past elections.

Of course, in the run ups to those elections, I correctly predicted that all save Stewart, who I was so badly fooled by, would in fact, vote exactly the same as their leftist candidate opponents should they be elected.

And how right I've been.

Taxes are up, fees are up, their pay-offs to that despicable rag of a daily democrat newsletter paid off when they bent the taxpayers over by doubling the costs we've been paying for official notices in the newspaper.... these fake Republicans have screwed us every way imaginable, by engaging in the Steve Stuart school of "I don't care what the people want, I only represent Steve and sometimes you're going to disagree with me" school of thought.

That, of course, brings us to the GOP-Controlled State Senate.

Because of the GOP-Controlled State Senate, not to mention that pathetic excuse of a state senator representing the 18th District who ran on a platform of OPPOSING the largest gas tax and tab fee increases in this state's history... lying every step of the way and hanging a $700 million bill around each man... woman... and child living in Clark County... which put us all on the hook for roughly $1523 for every man, woman and child living here... we became one of the states with THE highest gas taxes in the country.

And who was the author of this gas tax travesty?

Why none other than "Republican" State Senator and Transportation Committee Chair Curtis King of the 14th District... part of which intrudes into Clark County.

All to bail out King County's massive wastes of money... such as the "Big Dig" tunnel, massively late and, of course, massively over budget (Amounts are in the hundreds of millions) and, of course, their floating bridge replacement that cost $400 million before a shovel full of dirt was turned.

The GOP-Controlled State Senate also brought us the Washington State version of the federal Dream Act, which made illegal aliens eligible for state funding in our colleges and universities, because GOD knows we've got so many seats available in our schools for citizens that, well, hell, what difference is adding a few tens of thousands of illegal aliens to the eligibility pool... and then giving them student aid... over American and Washington State citizens going to make?

It was the Republican State Senate that made it possible for males in this state to demand to be able to shower with females if they felt particularly feminine of a given day... you know, in our schools and even private gyms?

They did that by failing to get rid of that idiotic rule change that allowed that sort of insanity.

I mean, after all, what could possibly go wrong, right?

And NOW, we have the Republican State Senate screwing us AGAIN, only this time, over driver's licenses.

Senate Bill 5008, now "Engrossed Senate Bill 5008" (ESB 5008) would provide two types of driver's licenses for this state.

One type, where you have to prove citizenship, will cost in excess of $100 according to our State Representative Liz Pike.  This variety of license is required for such mundane purposes as boarding commercial aircraft and entering military bases.

The other type will continue to be for illegals and those who don't want or can't afford the "enhanced" license, which we have now, will have no such requirement to provide proof of citizenship.

And the sponsor of THIS bill?

Do you even have to ask?

Why none other than "Republican" State Senator and Senate Transportation Committee Chair Curtis King of the 14th District... part of which intrudes into Clark County.

And who here locally claiming to be a Republican has voted for this steaming manure pile?

Why, RINO Senators Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers and Lynda "Tracy yanks my strings like the puppet I am" Wilson.

The reality is that illegal aliens shouldn't get driver's licenses or any OTHER kind of license.

The arguments for aiding and abetting the sheltering of illegals do not overcome the one, major fact confronting us: they are not supposed to be here at all.

And if your warped reasoning processes disagree with that conclusion, THEN the reality is that we as American citizens should never be PENALIZED because of our citizenship: and the way to approach this is simply to allow our current license fee structure to be used to prove our citizenship and charge those who can't prove their country of origin or their legal status the higher fee.

These votes are how democrats vote.  And if you're gonna vote like a democrat, then why not just VOTE for a democrat and kick you out of office?

This is just a little data point for you to think about.  When the GOP-controlled Senate comes crying to us for money to pay for the campaign of the GOP's candidate in the 45th District, running to replace Andy Hill (Who's demise was unfortunate, but let's face it, he could hardly be called a "conservative") with  Jinyoung Lee Englund, it's this kind of "screwing your constituency" type bills that I'll be thinking about when I slam my wallet shut.

You see, if you want to govern... you had better act the way you campaigned.  You'd better not lie to us (Rivers) and you'd better represent your constituency (Wilson) because if you don't?

There's no reason to vote for you at all.

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