Saturday, April 15, 2017

Does anyone know where Herrera is holding her town hall meetings during the House recess?

Instead of staying in DC and addressing the issues that got them elected, the RINO Ryan Congress has a very long Easter recess.

The purpose of the Easter Recess? To allow Members of the House to go home to their districts... hold town hall meetings... and get input from their constituents.

So.  Where's our Congresswoman holding her town hall meetings?

Look, I get that she's held... two or three town hall meetings... since she was first elected to Congress.

I can get that they're strenuous.  Exhausting.  Require preparation.  And a talent for verbal dexterity which she apparently does not possess.

And frankly, I admit to being spoiled by Brain Bard's willingness to mix it up with weekly town hall meetings in various places throughout his district... which, if memory serves, was quite a bit larger back then.

Our congresswoman could do so much more.  But she has set the bar so low that the odd photo op and staff-generated oped are typically the best we can hope for.

She... or her office... would point to the carefully screened little meetings she's held or  the tele-town halls where she actually doesn't have to show up.

Meanwhile, since she parachuted into this job over a much better candidate who lacked the McMorris puppet strings, I've been waiting.

Waiting for her to step up.

Waiting for her to become a power in the House. (By her 5th year in Congress, McMorris became Vice Chair of the Republican Caucus.  In her 7th year in Congress, she became the Chair of the Republican Caucus.  By Herrera's 7th year in Congress, which, sadly, she is in now... Herrera is not in leadership at any level.

These positions are elected by the rest of the caucus.  I don't even begin to wonder why Herrera can't get a committee chairmanship.  (The obvious: she hasn't run for one since she knows she can't get elected... or she's simply too lazy to even try)  There's a reason we don't see her as a talking head on TV.  (And why wouldn't they want her out there?  Why isn't she making the rounds on the talking head shows?))

We see her making heavily orchestrated photo ops... like in today's democratian.

What we DON'T see is her solving our problems.

We DON'T see her coming up with federal solutions to the problem of the Federal highway known as I-5 here, locally.

We DON'T see her addressing the pressing veteran's care issues in this district. (The nearest Emergency VA Hospital is on the other side of Portland's worst freeways and our bridge.) and prescriptions are far cheaper at Fred Meyers than what we pay at the VA.

And those are just our local issues.  Her silence on the national issues...  her failure to take positions... all are a part of the most recent wave of politicians that run as beauty queens saying as little as possible so it makes it more difficult to hold them accountable... not that it matters when they ARE held accountable... right, Ann Rivers?

That said, the RINO-GOP in the House seems unable to organize a bin of socks, let alone keep their year's long campaign promises of getting rid of Obamacare and tax reform.

And what has our Congresswoman done about it?

I pointed out the recently elected Congressman from the 3rd District of Louisiana, Captain Clay Higgins, has held more town hall meetings since he took office in January than our cardboard cutout of a fake member of Congress has in her seven years of wasting our time in that office.

But apparently, he's Satan incarnate, so that was, somehow, a bad example (allegations of not paying child support, allegations of 4 marriages and so forth... allegations known to the electorate before they elected him) as if this congressman's PERSONAL life makes any difference in the execution of his JOB responsibilities...

Here's the guy:

Some believe he should be shot.

Here's the thing: he's done more in the 4 months he's been in office than our fake congresswoman has done since she was given the job 7 years ago.

And nothing he's done or failed to do in his personal life changes any of that.

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