Saturday, October 18, 2014

So... who and what am I voting,.. against? (Includes out of district votes if I COULD vote)

The who:

1.  (WA03-Congress) Both Dingethal AND Herrera.

Neither are fit to represent a banana to a monkey.

2.  (17th District Pos 1) Monica Stonier.

I don't give a damn what she claims she's done: a vote for Stonier is a vote for the Seattle-centric House leadership that bends us over every hour on the hour.  She's offered nothing to address our cross-river transportation issues except the petulant-jerkism of local democrats pouting over the "loss" of their CRC/Loot Rail Scam.

3.  (17th District Pos 2) Neither McClusky OR Harris

Paul Harris has been a huge disappointment to me.  He's done nothing to help Lynda Wilson get elected and, in fact, I've heard he's sabotaged that effort to an extent because of the belief that at some point, Benton is going to resign from the Senate and that he wants what he'd consider to be unfettered access to the appointment to Benton if that happens.

I don't want either of them in my Legislature.

4.  (18th District Pos 1)  Neither Briggs OR Vick.

Vick has been a colossal waste of space.  The Columbian slavishly endorses him  because he stayed out of the CRC fight, not unlike the clueless moron we have representing us in Congress.  He's lied about his committee assignments in a stunt designed to make up for the entire first year he mailed it in and accomplished nothing after he was, unfortunately, elected.

Briggs is just a blithering, fringe-left idiot.

Neither one of them should be elected gas station attendant.

5.  (18th District Pos 2)  Bully Winningham

Perhaps THE biggest liar to ever run for office locally, and arrogant narcissist who knows as much about policy as she does brain surgery.  An executive for a multi-national that has outsourced as many as 50,000 jobs, Maureen Winningham STARTED her campaign with lies and went downhill from there.

She's not politically fit to be a crossing-guard.

6.  (49th District)  Nothing with a democrat label.

Molehill Moeller puts the F in fringe-left nutter.  Sharon Wylie isn't much better.  Neither have any interest in addressing cross-river transportation issues: thus, they are worthless.

7.  (County Commissioner Pos 3)  Pridemore

Craig Pridemore has run for, and failed to make it into the general election 2 out of the last 3 cycles, including an abysmal effort as a congressional candidate and another for state auditor.

As a father of the CRC Scam, he's proven there's no lie he won't tell, and like every other democrat running, he's obsessive about the horrific CRC/Loot Rail scam.  He doesn't care what we think, and has total buy-in to Steve Stuart's disregard for the will of the people, now legendary, albeit truthful.

No one should EVER be elected to anything, when those they would govern cease to be the reason they're there.  And Pridemore's rabid devotion to the CRC Scam disqualifies him from office.

8.  (Treasurer) Doug Lasher

Lasher's been treasurer since the dawn of time (30 years.) Even if he HADN't been losing us money, it would be time for him to go.

9.  (Sheriff) Shane Gardner

The list of reasons to vote against this guy is both long and distinguished.  At this point, Gardner, the alleged (fake) "independent" has done all he can to get democrat party support. Scum like Jim Mains are sucking his campaign cash dry and working hard to get their fellow leftist nutters on board the Lame Brain Shane Train.

He's lucky to have a badge, let along become our sheriff.  Don't waste your vote.

10.  (Prosecutor) Josie Townsend

I am not going to oppose someone because of the letter after his or her name.  In this case, I'm not going to support someone, either.

Yesterday, I attended a fundraiser for democrat Tony Golik who I had strongly opposed back in 2010.  It is the first democrat fundraiser I have attended in the 26 years I've been politically active.

His actions while in office have earned our trust.  I don't know Josie Townsend from Adam.  But if Golik is doing a good job... if any of these people are doing a good job, then they shouldn't be rewarded with political enmity.

11.  I've got nothing on county clerk or assessor.

The whats:

1.  Absolutely against the WEA's latest rob us measure, I-1351.

The biggest scam in a history of emptying our wallets for classroom prima-donnas who contribute so much to our 30% drop out rate.

Not only "no," but HELL no.

2.  The gun-grabber initiative, financed by a bunch of out of state scum who don't live here, I-594.

This is going to turn my into a criminal because I am cheerfully going to ignore this idiocy if it passes.

Add this to the HELL no file as well.

3.  The partisan-hate Proposition One: the Charter scam.

Written for an by those who hate the elected conservatives on the county commission, among other reasons to vote "no" include Marvin Case's analysis in the Reflector.

Partisan hatred will never be an adequate reason to rape our current governmental system.  There is absolutely nothing to recommend this hack job, this hissy fit against the conservative majority on the county commission.

Three for three on the "Hell no" list.

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