Sunday, October 12, 2014

Was there ever a question? With his leftist bent, of COURSE the democratian would endorse a badge-happy social worker.

In my mind, there was never any question that the slime at the democratian were going to go with Gardner:  There number one rule is to endorse the democrat for any open seat, and Gardner is that.

Fortunately for us all, democratian endorsements lack a certain something around here that really, really, matters:

The ability to manipulate electoral outcomes.

They have none.  If they did, we'd still have Commissioner Boldt and we'd alsio have Commissioner Tanner.  And how'd that worked out for them?

Shane Gardner is an egotistical punk.  He'd be the perfect fit as Clark County Social Worker, but not so much as Clark County Sheriff.

He lacks the needed experience (His little-publicized selection for undersheriff, a retired sheriff who knows nothing about Clark County was a nod to that obvious fact but just served to re-enforce the lack of experience meme) he's ethically challenged, he's self-aggrandizing and he''s proven that he'll abuse his badge to get what he wants... and the democratian goes along as a willing accomplice.

Gardner screws up... Again.(Updated)

First of all, when I eliminate candidates from my consideration, it's because of either the strategic aspect (Sorry: there's no way a Republican can win in the neo-communist 49th District.  I wish there was sometimes, but it's just not going to happen.) or because of something they do, or something they are.

Shane Gardner has shown himself as to be exactly what we DON'T need for a sheriff.  Criminals are NOT "knuckleheads."  It's not his job to run a stick through the psychological entrails of our local criminals:   I don't care... nor should he... what makes them tick.  That's not his job.

This moron actually blamed the police in Ferguson, instead of the rioters.

Another reason to vote for Atkins: memo to Shane Gardner - the RIOTERS are responsible for this.

His job should be to lock up the bad guys.  And if I'm in need of a Deputy, I want a COP, not a social worker.

Gardner got voted off my island because of his ego, his immaturity, his self-aggrandizement. and his lack of maturity.

Should Shane Gardner be campaigning while wearing his badge, gun and vest?

I discovered, quite inadvertently, that the decision had been made by the powers that be that they were going to back Gardner as far back as 3 years ago, after they gave him that PR splash for flashing his badge so despicably all over New York City to horn in on the 9/11 ceremonies in that city.

I figured the jig was up when the Columbian lied about the SOURCE of the pictures they used.

Why are pictures provided by Shane Gardner called "file photos" by the Lazy C?

The source was Shane Gardner.  The democratian called them "file photos."  Gardner obviously has someone highly placed in the rag... owner, maybe?  Who determined that he was going to be Gardner's guy to help launch his soon to be abortive political career.

The left has coalesced around this clown: claiming to be an "independent," he has done everything he can to get democrat support.  He's been raped by his consultant (financially, of course) who is a fringe-left whack job and a former charter-shilling freeholder... but one of the darlings of the leftist downtown mafia.

The case AGAINST Gardner is clear.  And, when compared to Chuck Atkins, there is no case FOR Gardner.  And like most democratian endorsements, this stands as yet another reason to vote against this clown... which I and my entire family are going to do.

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Lew Waters said...

Shane can forget all of his claims of actually being a conservative and nonpartisan.

Even the Lazy C, in their endorsement of him, acknowledge he is not prepared to be Sheriff by the necessity of him having to choose a retired Sheriff from out of state to babysit him if he wins.

However, given donations, endorsements that matter and the primary results, Atkins will easily win Sheriff I feel.

There really is no other choice.

As you and I both know, and Gardner must as well, given our Army experience, a Squad Leader is just not prepared to be elevated to Battalion Commander.