Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gardner screws up... Again.(Updated)

Shane Gardner voted himself off my island months ago, between his badge ego-mania at Ground Zero in New York on the 10th anniversary, his coordinated campaign with the democratian, his wearing of SWAT equipment while campaigning in a restaurant, his bizarre effort to blame the Ferguson situation on the police there.

Any one of these is reason enough to vote against Gardner.  All of them combined make it absolutely imperative.

As I have stated many times... I want a COP running the Sheriff's Office here.

If someone wants to run for Clark County Social Worker, than they should announce for that.

Gardner's on the ropes.  His fringe-left support by CRC Scammers like Jack Burkman and Jim Mains (Both rabid CRC and Charter scammers) is not nearly enough to get him elected.  His ego and immaturity makes him unsuitable for the running of this department in a thriving, growing county... well, except for the stagnant part run by the Vancouver Soviet.

That fringe-leftists and charter scammers support Gardner should be a definite red flag.  Why are they so hot to support someone unsuited to run the Sheriff's office by education, experience and a lack of maturity?

I have no idea.  But from what I know of him personally, hiring someone for undersheriff who isn't from here as a way to stave off the true observation that Gardner is unqualified to run much of anything doesn't give me confidence.  Instead, it serves to reinforce the negative comparison between Chuck Atkins who DOES have the education and experience to run a department and, well, someone who doesn't.

So, you might be wondering how ol' Shane grabbed this guy.  Do you suppose it could be... this?

According to Rob Gordon's own Linkedin page he's currently a Manager-inmate communication provider at Telmate.  Telmate has the Clark County jail contract for jail phone calls. 

Gardner supporter Commander Mike Anderson, is the Jail's in-house liaison with Telmate.


Who would have thought that hard core progressive like Shane Gardner would be so hot to use the good ol' boys network to get a shill to provide him with the experience chops he so obviously needs... but does not have.

I'm reminded of another disastrous leader, wholly unqualified to run much more than a lemonade stand, becoming president.

Why did Obama pick Joe Biden for VP?

And what a complete and utter disaster that's been, eh?

Gardner's selection of Rob Gordon for undersheriff, who quit his job In Oregon in part because of changes in their  retirement system, combined with a "lack of energy," is a purely political move that was poorly thought out, serves to underscore Gardner's lack of qualifications and which will likely blow up in his face.  Further, the idea that we wouldn't have an undersheriff who could hit the ground running is short-sighted and actually, rather embarrassing in its desperation.

Eat your Wheaties, carpetbagger.  You're gonna need it.

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Lew Waters said...

Gardner proves Graser's reasons for endorsing Atkins over him.

He lacks the needed experience for the job.

Given some comments, I feel the leftist support is due to wanting a "kinder, gentler" Sheriff that will make excuses for criminals on the misguided belief that all criminals need is a little kindness.

Victims will shoulder blame instead.

No thanks, I'm sticking with Chuck Atkins