Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Where the GOP is blowing it... again.

At this point, things look reasonably well for the GOP.

So why would one be concerned, if one were a GOP supporter?

Because right now, it's missing what I refer to as "X factor".

"X-Factor" isn't rocket science… it's not even particularly complicated or difficult.  For political purposes, X-Factor is the "what's in it for me" motivation to vote for party, a person or an initiative.  Locally for example, those shilling the charter are failing in a variety of fronts.  Primarily, they fail to explain what's in it for the local voter to throw their government out and play their partisan game.

What makes that problematic for charter supporters is, frankly, there is nothing in it for the local voter.

Our County government, such as it is, would be much worse that it is now if this charter scam were adopted.  And at the end of the day, anybody really watching this closely knows that the charter is being driven by partisan considerations, and certainly not by what's best for the people of this County.

Bringing us back to the GOP problem, which is a recurring problem: if someone were to come up to me and asked me, "so, what happens if the GOP wins?"

I wouldn't have an answer.

I wouldn't have an answer because the GOP has yet to provide an answer. What's problematic with that is that it's too late to provide an answer.

So what were stuck with here, are the same glittering generalities we get every election from the GOP: smaller government, less taxes, more bang for the buck, more freedom less regulation etc. etc. etc.

The problem for the GOP is that the voters have heard that verbiage so much, that for the most part it just becomes background noise. It makes no impact. Nobody understands how it will affect them individually. And it's not a group of votes the goes to the polls; it's the individual voter who goes to the polls.

How does that interpret to the individual voter?  Presuming that all politics are local, how does electing a Republican commissioner, or electing a Republican legislator, translate to me individually?

I follow this stuff closely, it's not only my living, it's also my hobby. I'm as fully immersed in the political realm here locally as anyone alive.

I can't answer the question. I can't get beyond the glittering generalities which have failed to move generations of voters in Washington State generally, to do anything in particular.

Now, when you vote for a Democrat (as foolish as that typically is) the fact is that you know what you're going to get when you do that. Mitt Romney got into some level of trouble during the last presidential election cycle, by claiming something on the order of 47% of the voters will vote for Obama because he gives them stuff.

I didn't find that particularly troubling, given its 1000% accuracy. But nowhere to my recollection can I seem to pull up the definition sheet, the goal sheets,  the victory sheet, the what have you sheet, that would have explained in any detail what we would've gotten had we elected Mitt Romney.

Failing, once again, to learn from history, the GOP has figured out ways to repeat it. As we go into the next election, the question remains: exactly what and exactly how, will voting GOP benefit the people?

And that's a problem. The best election results the state and country have known since the days of Reagan, came about as a result of the Contract with America, and locally the Contract with Washington. If I'm a Commissioner candidate, I put together a contract with the people of Clark County.

Right now, what we’re looking at here are series of slogans but no specifics. And I get that specifics are difficult to supply, but no one ever said this was going to be easy.

The Democrats have no difficulty pointing out that the world is going to end if Republicans take power.  Just the other day the Belle of Botox, Nancy Pelosi, suggested that the world as we know it would end if Republicans got control of the Senate.  And while histrionics is a peculiarly a Democrat trait, that's right up there with me claiming that the Botox market would collapse if Pelosi would simply abstain for a week.

So we have an election coming up. And the question remains unanswered: exactly what is in it for the voter… And I mean exactly… If they vote Republican?

If that means "lower taxes," exactly how does that mean lower taxes? If that means "less regulation," exactly what regulations will either be shrunk, or done away with to meet this edict?

I think today's increasingly social media savvy public will be less inclined to follow these glittering generalities, then they would be the actual specifics.

For example, again on the charter, the people shilling this are very big on the generalities, but they really don't have much to say when it comes to the issue of specifics.  And it's the specifics that are gonna kill this charter.

For the GOP, it should be the specifics that make them live.

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