Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Another sign that the charter scam is driven by partisan hatred.

Most of the exclusively heavy backers of the CRC/Light Rail scam who are highly pissed that Commissioners Madore and Mielke foiled their carefully laid plan to ram a bridge too far down our collective throats re now also supporting the charter scam.

Betty Sue Morris, Greg Kimsey and their ilk were all about the CRC Scam.

Now, they see this as their opportunity to punish the people of Clark County while they take over control of the county... "council," or whatever they plan on calling it.

Which begs the issue: why are unions paying to play in this effort?

ReportIBEW LOCAL 489/15/2014$2,500.00 N PORTLANDOR 97230
Report CENTRAL LABOR COUNCIL 9/15/2014 $1,000.00 N VANCOUVERWA 98666

Why are THIS particular group of special interests going to help the other special interests to buy a charter that will effectively nullify the authority of the county commissioners to actually represent the people of this county... instead of representing the downtown mafia?

These groups and many of the other's writing 4 and 5 figure checks for this effort typically support the left.

All of them supported the CRC.

Remember that the next time they tell you what a great deal this is.

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Pete Masterson said...

It's no doubt that the county charter scam is backed by the rent-seekers in the Democratic party. But for the "what's in it for me" question ... the answer is that with the current 3-commissioner system, those responsible for the operations of the county administration are directly responsible to the voters.

The charter scam puts a bureaucrat in charge -- and insulates that power away from direct impact by voters. As a former California resident, I have had up close experience with "manager-run" civic entities (in California, this form is used by almost all cities, counties, and school districts -- as well as hundreds of sundry "special district" boards.

With this set up, the bureaucrat(s) control the flow of information to the elected board. (The Richmond School District was unaware that the Superintendent had virtually bankrupted it, until it was too late and that district became the first school district in the state to file for bankruptcy.) in addition, multi-year contracts make it expensive to get rid of an incompetent or ineffective "professional manager." (Consider the recent Battle Ground School District Superintendent change.)

The bottom line is that the tax payers have less control over how money is allocated and spent -- or what the priorities should be.

This type of "professionally managed" government simply allows far too much corruption to occur-- and makes it far to difficult to correct the situation, once corruption is discovered.

I'll be voting no on the Charter Scam.