Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Madore unloads on Green from CTran and the C3G2 hate site.

Speaks for itself.

Your C-Tran tax dollars at work – promoting hate:

Many are aware of C-Tran’s bizarre attempts to sell out and exploit Clark County citizens to become Portland TriMet’s new Light Rail tax base over the objection of the majority of voters in multiple elections.

Many are aware that C-Tran is attempting to transfer local control from Clark County public transit services to Portland’s financially troubled TriMet.
Many are aware that C-Tran campaigned under false pretenses to “save our buses” from a 35% service cut to the most needy to pass a sales tax increase to fund voter-rejected High Capacity Transit instead.

Many are aware that C-Tran’s disingenuous campaign was exposed and recently confirmed by forensic accountant and fraud investigator Tiffany Couch as a scam to misappropriate millions of taxpayer dollars to fund voter-rejected Bus Rapid Transit.

But few are aware that C-Tran has also been using those public funds to conduct a darker more sinister campaign.

For going on a year now, the job description of the Light Rail and Bus Rapid Transit promotion manager has included the administration of a website and the active recruiting of members to promote hatred, divisiveness, intolerance, prejudice, bigotry, animosity, hostility, maligning, ill-will, character defamation, vilification, and malice to attack, ridicule, and undermine their perceived enemies.

That site that masquerades as “Clark County Citizens for Good Governance” (C3G2) is in part administered from the C-Tran headquarters using C-Tran staff and resources during and outside of working hours.

Debate and dissent are foundational to our freedom of speech. As Americans, we support the right to express dissent, including the right of C3G2 members to express their views on their site. But when C-Tran misuses public funds to administer and recruit for a hate site, we corrupt the good that those taxpayer resources as supposed to serve.

After a history of venomous comments by C3G2 members posted on my Facebook page, I have been banning most of the hate site members from posting on my wall. They can post on their site. But our community can only work together when our differences are expressed with truthfulness, decency, and good will.

Our limited tax dollars should not be misused to administer hate or squandered to burden the very citizens that need our help. C-Tran's track record is one of ever increasing fares that depress ridership, ever rising costs that drain the life out of our local economy, and broken promises that betray our trust.

C-Tran needs to return to their core mission of providing well managed convenient affordable bus and van service for those that would otherwise be unable to get around in our community.


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