Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Connecting the dots on the Charter Scammers, including the Vancouver Business Journal.

Regular readers already know the motives behind those who are scamming the Charter.

The dots are easy to connect as is the basis for this attempted coup.

Oddly reminiscent of a 3rd world country, the leftist haters have banded together to depose Commissioner David Madore and overturn the November, 2012 election because they, frankly, don't like losing.

The Reflector did an article on it: those shilling this rip off said all the things they want the ignorant to believe because when you hear them, why, they sound so honest.

The devil of course, is not only in the motivation, but in the details.

It would seem that the main spokesman the Reflector relied on, given the hypocrisy of Betty Sue Morris on the issue, is John McDonagh, publisher of the Vancouver Business Journal.

Of course, for THIS political season, that's not all he is.

He's also totally hooked up with Paul Montague's hate PAC, which has been an abysmal failure... perhaps because, as readers know, Montague's hatePAC has one purpose and one purpose only: to attack Republicans generally and those who killed Montague's idiotic CRC Scam particularly... including Commissioners Madore And Mielke.

How does he do that?

By supporting this horrific scam of a charter, which dramatically reduces their ability to represent US against members of the downtown mafia... members like, well, John McDonagh.

Montague, who was fired from his cush gig at Identity Vancouver for alienating every elected official in the area to the right of Mao, set his scam PAC up.  Called the "Economic Vitality PAC," no one to speak of has been interested in committing political suicide by siding with this loser.

And that's where McDonagh comes in:

Where is the office for Montague's hatePAC?

1251 Officers Row
Vancouver, WA 98661

What else is located at that address?

The offices of the Vancouver Business Journal.

They are breaking PDC law by providing Montague with an office for free, if Montague's hatePAC PDC's are to be believed: he lists no expenditures for, say for example, rent.... either in cash, or in-kind.

And who else is a director of Montague's hatePAC effort?

Why, John McDonagh.

McDonagh starts with this lie:
“One of the criticisms of the current form of government, where commissioners are elected countywide, is that the rural citizens of the county have felt like they haven’t had a voice,” McDonagh said. “They would have someone in their district that would come from their neighborhood and would be more in sync with what’s happening in that part of the county.”
That's a complete lie.  In fact, it wasn't that long ago that the democrat's monthly swindle sheet wrote this in regards to a charter:

Proposed changes in county charter could be awful
They hope to give rural interests dominance over urban values. They suppose they can make it harder for county government to raise and spend money on social problems and infrastructure capital.

So, which lie do we believe?  The lie from the Clark County Democrats, or the lie from McDonagh, a lie made up out of whole cloth to describe an issue that doesn't exist?  Anyone paying attention knows that this isn't about difficulties the commission has in hearing the "rural voice."  In McDonagh's mind, as he lies to get this rip off passed, he's confusing his voice and that of the downtown types being muted in favor of those that really matter: those who are not corrupt and who don't have to lie to appeal to the people.

Who died and left McDonagh in charge, anyway, as if he either gave a damn about us or spoke for us?

Why is it that those shilling this scam have to make this kind of garbage up?

It was arguably the "rural" citizens of this county who voted overwhelmingly in FAVOR of the two commissioners these leftist haters want to get rid of, the commissioners who did so much to hold off the thugs of the CRC Scam long enough for our heroic GOP legislators to kill it altogether.

McDonagh goes on to lie:
He noted that under the charter the council chair would be elected countywide, which means “at least one of the five is looking out for the good of the entire county.”
So, instead of having three commissioners who have to answer to the entire county at the ballot box for their actions, we get one?  Instead of having THREE commissioners who have to look out for the good of the entire county, or find themselves Marc Boldted out of office, we get ONE?

And that's an improvement how, exactly?  What kind of hatred can spew a thought process like that and even BEGIN to think that kind of garbage is believable?

You see, it's not just that the charter scammers lie... it's also that they're so blatant and obvious about it and that somehow, they think we're stupid.  McDonagh, Montague and everyone else involved with the charter scam were sure we'd be stupid about the CRC/Loot Rail scam, as well.

At the end of the day, the motives of those supporting this horrific rip off of a charter are clear: they hate David Madore and the other non-CRC Republicans who kept them from raping us for the next 4-plus decades at $2000 a year and this is an effort to punish them for that.

There is no lie, no exaggeration, no twisting of the facts that the charter scammers won't try and run, precisely like they did on the CRC/loot rail scam.  And this time, with liars like this scamming for it, we're looking at getting the exact, same outcome as the CRC.

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