Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wanna break the fireworks law? Just get a permit!

The rich, it is said, are not like you and me.

I bet you didn't know that the county fireworks ordinance can be ignored if one, apparently, has a permit from the fire marshall

At a little after 10 pm last night, the local neighborhood in the vicinity of Hockinson Elementary began to sound like a Grafenwohr Tank Gunnery Range (The location where Hitler trained the Afrika Korps.) as someone spent a LOT of money burning gunpowder into noise.

A LOT of noise.  A LOT of money.

I understand that the fire department was on hand.  And as this display went on for what seemed like an hour, we were close enough to it to "benefit" from the exaggerated BOOMS (enhanced by the cloud cover) that freaked our dogs completely out of their little doggy minds.  It lasted for around 10 minutes but seemed much, much longer.

The wife calls 911:  The operator had fielded many calls on this issue, and with some resignation, informed us that these people had a permit.

From the fire marshall.

For the hours of 9 to Midnight.

With no warning.  And no public input.

This is the kind of thing that drives me up the wall.

Where does the fire marshall get off ignoring the fireworks ordinance?  How much did it cost the taxpayers to have fire trucks standing by while this travesty took place?  How long were those fire personnel there?

I loves me some loud noises.  But I like the law even more.

You won't to blow crap up?

Then do it when everybody else is.

Don't enable special consideration to those with a checkbook at the expense of hundreds of families just because you think you can.

They haven't heard the last of this,

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Lew Waters said...

Where are all of the fireworks haters in this?

They have been demanding a total ban for years, but are now silent?

I guess it pays to be a rich Clark County resident.