Saturday, October 11, 2014

Vancouver Business Journal, in the tank for the Madore haters.

As I've shown earlier, those running the Vancouver Business Journal are up to their ears in hatred against those wise enough to oppose the CRC/Loot Rail scam, so it's no surprise they'd join the hate bandwagon and jump on board.

However, as Lefty Lou pointed out today, it's pure, partisan hatred behind this effort: not what's best for us, instead, what's best for the downtown mafia.

Regardless of who we've elected or not, hatred of a man the people lawfully put into office should not drive an effort to rape his authority out of partisan petulance and being a leftist jerk.

I've already thanked Lefty for confirming what we already knew.  And, as you might expect, no one in the C3G2 hate group is denying it... now... anyway, but how does it help them to acknowledge the truth now?

Both the VBJ and the democratian have done yeoman's work to strengthen the "no" side.  And for that, they both have my gratitude.

That said,  the partisan hatred of this paper, proven by the alliance with Paul Montague's failure of a hate PAC ($400 raised? WOW!) in no way justifies dramatically changing the organization of our local government, particularly when we all know that if democrats still had control over the commission, we wouldn't be seeing any of this.

It's NOT "good business." It's partisan hackery and a way to make government far less responsive to the people (How does only be allowed to vote for 2 councilors out of 5 increase accountability over voting for all the commissioners, county wide now?)

A reasonable and accurate analysis is the one provided by Marvin Case in the Reflector over the past two weeks. Those who really want to know should go check that out. Case has no dog in this fight: McDonagh, being a board member of Montague's hate pack and providing him free office space... obviously does.

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