Saturday, October 11, 2014

Congrats to Lefty Lou Brancaccio for telling the truth on the Charter Scam: it's partisan hatred aimed at David Madore.

I give him credit for confirming the scum behind this have been lying all along: it has nothing to do with what's best for the people of this county: it is, instead, the legalized coup attempt by a group of fringe-left nutjobs whipped up by Lefty Lou himself who want to use this rip-off to take back control of government because they didn't like losing at the ballot box.

I am puzzled by one thing, though: why did he wait so long to tell us all what we already knew?  What was the hold up?

As I and many others have been saying for months now, partisan hatred is what's driving this scam: and with all of his warehouses full of faults, I must congratulate lefty Lou Brancaccio for putting the lie to the scum at the C3G2 Hate Group who have been assuring us all along... even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that partisanship and hatred have nothing to do with it.

Even a fringe-left whack job like brancaccio, who's hatred of Madore is the first thing he thinks about when he wakes up and the last thing he thinks about before calling it a night, admits as much.

And since when has partisan hatred been a reason to completely restructure government?

Madore "exposed" nothing.  When Betty Sue Morris was a commissioner... when Steve "Slimeball" Stuart was a commissioner, when Craig "No more" Pridemore was a commissioner, NONE of them EVER suggested that their ability to govern should be in any way weakened.

And when Nan Henriksen lied, by falsely claiming "It doesn't matter that two conservatives are on the board," I called her on it and Lefty Lou now backs me.

Of course, this rank partisanship can't be naked.  Lefty HAD to come up with an excuse for it... so, he's trying to say that weakening the commissioners and providing a non-responsive bureaucracy in it's place that doesn't have to answer to the people is a better way to go.


But that's neither here nor there.

Kudos to Lefty Lou for laying the Charter lie completely bare for all to see: 
"Look, there has been a lot of dancing around about why some members of our community decided now was a good time to propose a county charter. But the answer is simple and clear. It's all about Madore."
No kidding?  Gee... who knew?

That, of course, has been my position since day one.  And how MANY times have those scamming this Charter idiocy denied that, most recently, the sainted Nan Henriksen?

He absolutely reeks with hypocrisy on THIS idiocy:

For me, I am hopeful — and confident — the rank-and-file conservatives recognize this and will send a message to our community. We all need to work together.
Odd that.  He "hopes" we "all work together."

When was the last time he demanded that his fellow leftists work with the conservatives?

Look up "never."  You'll see Brancaccio's face there.

He should have no confidence: the pro-charter scammer's own polling says that this has a slim to zero chance of passing.

Which goes to Rule One: if you have to lie to get elected, get your initiative/referendum or charter passed or your project built?

Then you shouldn't BE elected... you shouldn't HAVE your initiative/referendum or charter pass and your project shouldn't BE built.

The Charter campaign has shattered Rule One.  One strike... and they're out.

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