Friday, October 17, 2014

I'm stunned that the democratian opposes a Madore initiative.

Like the last time the newspaper got their collective ass kicked in county elections, they hate the very idea of advisory votes generally and anything David Madore wants particularly.

They hate the very idea of any other option to address our cross river transportation issues except for their obsessive-compulsive fetish on Brancaccio's Folly, the CRC/Light Rail Scam.

When you have a rag of a newspaper dedicated to the principle that a person can do nothing right, then of course they're going to oppose ideas that don't follow their agenda.  I would be stunned if they did NOT oppose it.

But of course, they offer precisely zero alternatives, because they insist, like every other leftist running for anything approaching a legislative-variety office, that the CRC Scam is the only way to go.

Here's where I can remind you that this was the result the LAST time these scum recommended a "no" on a Madore-inspired effort.

These clowns were DESTROYED at the polls, 60.322% to 27.668%

The LAST thing they want to see is ANOTHER map that looks like this one after THIS election.

So, of course, they engage in the very definition of insanity: they're doing what got them busted in the political jaw AGAIN.... hoping for a different outcome.


I'm supporting this plan for the simplest of reasons: the scum opposed to it offer precisely ZERO viable alternatives.

Simple, really.

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