Thursday, October 09, 2014

On the Charter: Marvin Case lives up to the newspaper he used to run: "The newspaper with integrity."

The left is flipping out as a result of Marvin Case's expose' on the Charter scam.

Part one of Marvin's take is here:

Part two is here:

Marvin has no dog in this fight.  The only axe he has to grind is ours.

If you haven't already, take the time to read his efforts on this issue and see for yourself.

It goes without saying the daily democratian will come out swinging for this idiocy.  But then, their hatred of Madore is legendary... but hatred is never enough of a reason to completely rip up a government because of their target of the day.

The yes side whines that he's "factually incorrect."  And have you ever noticed that among the haters, the anti-Charter side is the only one EVER "factually incorrect?"

Odd, that.... isn't it?

We point out that, for example, once we get stuck with this charter, that's it: we have it forever.

We point out that it takes 37,000 plus signatures just to get an amendment to the charter on to the ballot.

We point out that this system will cost tens of thousands more than the system we have.

We point out that for the most part, practically none of the few things we CAN vote on in the future will make any difference.

We point out that every time they use the phrase "separation of powers," they're lying.

And, we point out that the main force behind this are the fringe-left nutters who hated Madore for his opposition to the CRC Scam.

And none of that equals a "factual inaccuracy."

Thanks go to Marvin Case for doing this and thanks to the Reflector for printing it.

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