Thursday, October 09, 2014

So, how's Paul Montague's worhtless HatePAC doing?

Like Montague himself, it's going nowhere.

That's it: $400 bucks.

This was brought to mind this morning when Lew Waters snatched this stupidity up from the comments under the hatchet job Lefty Lou tried to do on our Liz yesterday:

Fortunately, as we have established over the years, what Montague "thinks" really doesn't matter.  And who gets his money?

The democrats.  Inslee.  Pridemore.  Gardner.  Prio-CRC Scammer Kimsey.  Burkman.  Topper.  Stober.  Cleveland.  Probst.  Boldt.  Moeller.  Tanner.  Wylie.  And so on... and so on.

Clearly, you have no common sense.

That you "disagree" with anything Liz does is a good thing.

If Liz agreed with you about anything, that would be a reason to question her judgment.

But I've got to wonder:  Does Montague live in the 18th?  No?

Then why is it any of his business?

Those of us who matter... who actually live in this district?

Like her just fine.  And we'll be sending her back in a few weeks.

While you become increasingly irrelevant.

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