Thursday, October 09, 2014

Why did Nan Henriksen lie about the charter effort?

There is one primary political rule for this blog: If you have to lie about your candidates, your issues, your projects... then your candidate should not win, your issue should not pass and your projects should fail.

That brings us to Nan Henriksen.

She lied to the democratian during her pitch to the ed board when she said:
While Henriksen referred to systemic problems in government, she stopped short of calling the charter a referendum on Commissioners Tom Mielke and David Madore. "It doesn't matter that two conservatives are on the board," she said.
That this IS an outright lie is obvious: the primary support group for this legalized coup attempt are the haters at the C3G2 website.

The primary funders for this effort are the leftists with a check book.

If democrats still controlled the commission we would not be having this or any other conversation about the charter effort because the democrats on the board killed the charter effort back in 2011 when they had the chance to allow it to go forward.

This is ENTIRELY a referendum on David Madore and Tom Mielke:  The C3G2 haters are all over this scam.  And more importantly, I've got to wonder:  Is Henriksen positioning that position as a set-up to explain the Charter's impending defeat?

Because if these clowns believed this thing was actually going to win, you can bet they'd have exactly the opposite position.  But since they know it's going to lose?

Not so much.

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