Thursday, October 09, 2014

How much can a democrat suck in the 18th District if the neo-communist democratian won't endorse them?

Memo to Bully Loserham and Mussolini Mikey Briggs: even the democratian thinks you suck.

Look, I get it: the left has zero chance to win with these weak-sauce, mediocre, totally-over-their-heads morons.

The democratian wants to polish their bogus "non-partisan cred" and point to races where the left has been ordained to lose from the get-go and say, "see, we pick Republicans, to!"

Yesterday, for example, the simple idiot running against our Liz, was even idiotic enough to THANK Lefty Lou Brancaccio for not getting the endorsement.

Instead of, after reading that spew of garbage aimed at Rep. Pike, who lefty Lou psychotically hates for her successful efforts to help kill the I-5 Scam, the CRC/Loot Rail project; wondering aloud how much she, Bully, must suck as a candidate after losing the endorsement to Liz Pike, she stupidly puts this up:

If you weren't flat broke, Bully, "attack ads" is exactly what you'd need. If Loserham had a functioning brain neuron, she'd be wondering:  How bad do I suck that if they feel this way about Pike, I STILL can't get the endorsement?

The endorsement of Pike didn't have much to say about Bully.  And that's likely because there isn't much TO say.  But the leftist hatred seeped through in every word.  Still, it does boil down to these questions:  How much hatred of those opposed to the CRC/Loot Rail Scam have they stored up?  Have those behind this effort sought out mental health assistance?

In this election, the only question is this:  Will Liz break 60% of the vote?

Now, there was never any question that Vick would get the endorsement in his race: utterly worthless as a representative, Vick mailed it in for his entire first year in office.  But he kept a non-existent, Herrera-like profile on the CRC Scam, plus, unfortunately for us, he's running in the GOP in the 18th.

There's no way a fringe-left whack job like Mussolini Mikey Briggs could ever win in this district; Vick is Lefty Lou's token GOP endorsement over here:

The Republicans could run a barn-headed ape in the 18th and win, as Vick proves. He also proves that frequently, any idiot can win the job.

Vick is a joke in the legislature.  He has zero throw weight, can't get any legislation passed to save his life, wasted an enttire year, excused as "rookie timidity" by the democratian, and is an utter and complete joke when it comes to what is or is not a good representative.

In my 6 years on legislative staff, which is 6 more than any of the idiots behind this kneepad exercise on Vick spent up there, I saw great legislators come and go.  And Brandon Vick isn't fit to carry their luggage.

During his first two years in the legislature, Vick demonstrated his capacity to avoid work.  Having your name, temporarily, on the letterhead of 6 committees was nothing more nor less than a campaign stunt: during session, it's effectively impossible to do that since many of these committees meet simultaneously, and he will go back to 3 committees after this election.

That Lumpy lies about this sort of thing goes to the heart of the matter: that he's hosed the democratian over this is based more on their willful ignorance than any other aspect of this "accomplishment," and the better question is this: with his alleged "membership" on these committees, how many bills did he manage to get passed?

One.  A technical amendment on an agreed-on bill concerning timber.

A BRICK could have accomplished the same during the past 2 years.

As an "agreed" bill, it had NOTHING to do with "maturity," he was assigned the bill like a kindergardner assigned a classroom.

Vick's "criticism" of the CRC was so muted as to be non-existent.  The CRC was a disaster that the people of this region DID NOT WANT: the rag's dogged insistence that this rip off was anything BUT a loot rail scam shows THEIR lack of "maturity."

And when the fight was going on?

Vick was no where to be found.

Neither Brandon "Lumpy" Vick nor Mussolini Mikey Briggs are worthy to represent a 4th grade class in the student council.  Lumpy is a joke, an actual embarrassment my sources tell me, everything I was sure he'd be and even less.  An idiot wrapped around delusions of grandeur about what he thinks lies ahead in his political future, a back-bencher wallflower who has, and will accomplished nothing in the House.

Mussolini Mikey Briggs is completely and utterly out of touch with the 18th District and to refer to him as "off-putting" is like referring to ebola as "the sniffles."

Again, I get that the democratian doesn't want to crater what little credibility they may have by endorsing candidates they know are going to lose... and lose big in this case.

And, of course, I'm reminded of how little democratian support or opposition, especially in the 18th District, matters.

Just ask former Commissioner Marc Boldt and never-was commissioner Joe Tanner.

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