Sunday, December 01, 2013

Looks more and more like the true Jayne is leaking out.

What a shame.

While I initially had my reservations about the pit yorkie's replacement, at first he looked like he was making at least some effort at even-handedness... particularly compared to that scumbag he replaced.

But any pretense of that has gone out the window with his obligatory, fringe-left slap at the left's worst boogymen: FOXNews, Palin, Gibson, O'Reilly et al.

This column has the stench of the Molehill Moeller brand of leftist simple-mindedness that has stunk up Vancouver, Washington State and Washington, DC for decades now.  It's the kind of gratuitous, red-meat to the left garbage that is increasingly become Jayne's meme.

Last week, this ignorant sports writer solved all of the GOP's problems by telling us that everything they do and stand for is wrong.

The week before that, it was his obvious inability to figure out that the entirety of this county, minus 5 out of 228 precincts, opposes the Loot Rail scam, as he (like so many other leftists) failed to understand the results of the election.

The week before that idiocy, he smacked the GOP for the light tap they delivered to Ridgefield Barbie... when they SHOULD have kicked her out altogether.

Four weeks in a row, he's hammered the right.

It's like he's totally unaware of the absolute disaster of the Administration as they've screwed up domestic, foreign and economic policy... not to mention illegal wiretaps and surveillance and the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS... A much longer and more obvious Nixon play.

Instead of writing about that, he throws a fit about the left's favorite target: FOXNews.


How is it that Jayne can find fault with just about everything the GOP does at just about any level, while remaining silent about the disaster that are his fellow fringe-leftists?

It's easy: when have the fringe-left EVER held themselves or their leaders accountable?

Yeah, it looks like Jayne is just another disguised "pit yorkie."  He has a slightly cleaner shtick, it would seem, but how much longer before that thin veneer of faux civility is ripped off, and we just wind up with another scumbag like John Laird?

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