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Hinton: signs that Jayne and the democratian still don't get it.

Is it inadvertent on Jayne's part?

Or just another element of the democratian's "you, as voter, don't matter" meme?

In his latest column, still a far superior effort to that slimeball he replaced, Jayne wrote the following:
 Among the most interesting aspects of the results is the canyonesque divide between voters in Vancouver and those in the rest of the county. The Vancouver races skewed in favor of those who could be viewed as more progressive which, in these parts, means they are likely to support the Columbia River Crossing. Tim Leavitt won re-election for mayor, and Jack Burkman retained his seat on the city council. Alishia Topper and Anne McEnerny-Ogle also won council seats, and in all four city elections the losing candidate was staunchly anti-CRC.
One of the many problems I have with those writing for the democratian is a quite apparent inability to drill down on the issues.

For those on the fringe-left and the democratian, they have a habit of whipping out facts when convenient and hiding them when they're not: this is one of those times.

In an area known for electing scum like Moeller, Cleveland and to a lesser extent, Wylie (Any original thought she may have had died of loneliness decades ago) the idea that they would elect the empty-suited morons they did to the council, or re-electing a lying scumbag egomaniac like Leave-it to his position shows more of a lack of decent campaigning skills and implementation than it does a disconnect on the issues.

First, the pro-CRC Scammer slate had all the special interest money.  Leave-it had all the booze, for example (Tim, it's not too late... you can join Toronto's crack-smoking mayor in rehab) and he won by roughly 5%.  Oddly, when Commissioner Madore outed faux Republican Marc Boldt, much was made by this rag and its acolytes of his monetary advantages in the race when Madore won.  In fact, to the best of my knowledge, this self-same newspaper NEVER said anything like:
The commissioner races skewed in favor of those who could be viewed as more conservative which, in these parts, means the entire county is likely to oppose the Columbia River Crossing.
And that's the thing, you see: a small area within the county lost its collective mind and re-elected the slime that are, politically, doing the exact opposition of what the people of this county...AND the people of this city, made clear they did not want.

Jayne, at least, mentions the overwhelming vote opposed to the pro-CRC Scam and this newspaper's position on the CRC rip-off... but again, fails to take the next step which it to show the depth of the political massacre of the rag's pet project:

He fails to mention that a mere 5 precincts out of the 76 precincts in Vancouver actually support this steaming pile.

That, of course, means that the gullible voters in Vancouver were influenced by the anti-Madore campaign to slit their own throats, while making it perfectly clear that on the CRC Scam, these same people do not represent them.

As of this writing, no precinct anywhere outside this county supported the democrats, the downtown mafia or the democratian's out of touch positions on the CRC Scam.  None.

Jayne is somewhat disingenuous when he goes on to write:
Nothing wrong with that. There are good reasons for opposing the CRC, just as there are good reasons for supporting it.
That's the thing, you see: there are precisely zero "good reasons" to support it.  None.

It's almost like he wrote  
Nothing wrong with that. There are good reasons for opposing slavery, just as there are good reasons for supporting it.
"Slavery" can be replaced with any number of unambiguous terms that are obviously unsupportable:  Nazism, racism, communism, liberalism (Just kidding on that last one... a little) or any other destructive "ism" the reader can conceive of.

And Greg, that kind of fence-straddling really accomplishes nothing and can be quite painful for the straddler.

And then this issue, where Jayne showed his OWN "disconnect:"

He wrote:
Anyway, while Vancouver voters supported Leavitt and those most similar to him in their thinking, county voters delivered a much different message. For example, county advisory vote No. 1, which would suggest to Clark County commissioners that they oppose any plan involving light rail, passed with 68.3 percent of the vote. County voters insisted that their leaders do everything they can to derail the plan ("derail" — get it? I crack myself up).
Similar messages were delivered on other transportation-related advisory votes.
Is this his ignorance?


And that's the thing: when he wants to, he differentiates city from county voters.  But in this instance, he fails to note that as bad as loot rail lost county wide, it lost that bad within the boundaries... within the precincts of Vancouver as well.

So, to that end, there is precisely zero "disconnect in the county."  County voters hate the CRC Scam... City voters hate the CRC Scam.  Contrary to a "disconnect," both city AND county voters are in lock-step where it matters: at the polls.

Why Greg would try and spin it differently is on him to explain.  Maybe it's a case of figures not lying, but liars figuring.

And then, Jayne's efforts to belittle the vote when, in fact, it's the most important vote since... well... the people of this county threw out Pro-CRC Boldt in favor of anti-CRC Madore... which should have been his first clue:
All of this is a bit problematic. The advisory votes are nothing more than suggestions to commissioners, who sit on the C-Tran board yet have no direct influence over bridges and highways. In essence, it's like a security guard at a shopping mall trying to catch a shoplifter by saying, "Stop! Or I'll say 'Stop' again." But the voters were able to offer their suggestions, and I suppose there's nothing wrong with that.
He forgets that "the voters" carry a gun known as their votes... and the voters can shoot these pro-CRC scum right between the eyes (Just ask Boldt) when you go south on them. That they MAY not have any "direct" influence (Don't you hate it when "opinion makers" parse their words?)

In this case, what the voters have said is "stop or I will shoot you."

Here's the thing: this vote sets up the '14 elections here brilliantly.

EVERY candidate at ANY level can be asked the following third rail question:

Recently, the people of your (District, the county or other political subdivision) voted overwhelmingly to oppose the CRC Scam.  Do you agree with them on that?  If not, why do you think your judgment is more important than theirs?  And if you disagree, then what makes you think you should be elected dog-catcher?  And if you do agree with them, what are you going to do to make sure their wishes are actually implemented?

Oppose the will of the voters next year and see what happens.  Steve "Slimeball" Stuart is certainly going to find out, for example.

Now, I've got to wonder: is Greg just blowing this vote off with this kind of Pro-CRC babble?  Clearly, he's choosing to ignore the obvious political value of having this club to beat the Pro-CRC Scum like Stuart to a painful political death.  Is that ignorance?  A lack of imagination?  A lack of vision?  Or is he just being too cute by half?

Then Greg goes on as he jams his foot further into his mouth:
Still, the differences between Vancouver and the rest of the county are interesting, if not surprising. It is predictable that those in the city would be more inclined to support mass transportation. They would be more geographically suited to take advantage of a new bridge, and city folk tend to skew more liberal and collectivist than the individualists who live outside the city. The same likely could be said about any city in the United States.
What Jayne can't seem to grasp... or refuses to acknowledge... is this:

On loot rail... there is no difference.  Again, the county hates the CRC Scam... the city hates the CRC scam.

Over 90% of the precincts of Vancouver reject the CRC Scam: 100% of the precincts outside Vancouver reject the CRC Scam.

So... where's the difference?

And then Greg closes with:
So, all of that was expected, but it serves to highlight the most important thing to come out of this election. If the CRC is, indeed, dead, then we will need to find something else to talk about, and county officials and city officials will need to find some way to land on common ground. While talk of bridges and light rail and tolls has been divisive, that doesn't mean the other issues facing the region need to be.
That, of course, is completely backwards.

As a commissioner or a legislator representing any part of this county, I would do nothing to help Vancouver do anything.  I would stop any funding or ordinance-making or permitting that would help them do anything until they abandon their unpopular stance that reflects that of Greg Jayne and the democratian:

Voters... you've made it clear what your position on the CRC Scam is... but we don't care, because YOU don't matter.  And that's why we continue to belittle... and ignore... your vote.

Your bogus and obviously wrong polling notwithstanding.

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