Sunday, December 01, 2013

Image enhancement for Nan Henriksen

As a RINO, it's not surprising that the rag would engage in a little image enhancement for Nan Henriksen.  That's to set the table, ultimately, for the lack of action by the Freeholders on the CRC Scam.

But here's the thing:  Henriksen's true colors were displayed when she failed to mention her positions but was endorsed for election by the euphemistically-named Neo-Communist outfit Downtown Vancouver First group.

That means, to me, that while she claims to be an ultra-non-partisan type, that's like Tim "The Liar" Leavitt claiming he was opposed to tolls.

The scum at VancouverFirst believed her to be one of them, and one of them is part of the fringe-left nutters doing their best to overturn an election.

In the puff-piece troweled out by Stevie, there was the obligatory "Stevie can't help herself" backhand to the GOP:
Henriksen used to be a moderate Republican but feels like the party left her. Now she considers herself an independent.
After being told by the scum who flipped on the charter issue entirely that partisanship doesn't matter, one has to wonder: why did Sleeve have to include it in her story?
Those stripes showed Tuesday night, when she picked former Republican state Sen. Joe Zarelli as her freeholder vice chair and former Democratic state Rep. Val Ogden as secretary.
Well, she had to do SOMETHING with Ogden: Val was the #2 vote-getter in Clark County.

But all of that is neither here nor there: Henriksen got the gig because no one running against her had higher name ID.  Her lack of positions or an inability to articulate them was a reason to vote against her.  Now, she can go in any direction she likes without being held accountable by the morons who voted for her because of her name, instead of what she stands for.

And what she stands for, the rag's protestations notwithstanding, are everything the people of this county stand against.

She understands that, like Leave-it, as a politician, she knew that if she outed herself on her true positions, she'd have precisely zero support among the rank and file voter.  So, she kept her mouth shut under a layer of what she terms "irrelevant" political positions.

For a charter to be accepted, the only thing in it should be the issue of the charter itself.  And the only thing that charter should contain is the requirement that the people of this county be given the right to vote on anything it chooses... on a non-advisory basis.

There is precisely zero point to any of this otherwise.

Expect the leftists... the scum like Molehill Moeller, to make an effort to kill the charter by choking it with anti-Madore crap.

They want to expand the commissioners to 5 to dilute the conservative base's power, elections having no particular meaning to them (After all, Slimeball Stuart himself says that he "doesn't represent the people," right?) and to go to a King Tax County government model.

That is likely DOA, but expect the effort, and expect more image rehabilitation like this crap as a part of the democratian effort to make it happen.

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