Sunday, December 01, 2013

Need something else to piss you off about the VA? Check THIS

So, if you're a veteran and you have a VA medical account, and anyone using the VA medical system has such an account, then you have a card that looks like this:

Notice the bar code on the right?

It's your social security number.

And anyone with a smart phone can read it.

Veterans Identification CardThat's right, your government has once again screwed the pooch by making it a breeze to snatch your SSAN by snatching your bar code.

I've tried this on my own card, and sure enough: it pops right up.  Barcode scanner is an Android app, so if you've got a VA card, go ahead and try it yourself.

Stupid.  Criminally stupid.

Now then, today's quiz:  One has to wonder... what, if anything, is the VA going to do about this fiasco... and how many millions more in taxpayer dollars will have to be wasted and who is going to get FIRED over this?

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