Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Early returns heartening in the primary.

Jeanne "Gavel Down" Harris, who long since overstayed her rather psychotic welcome, is gone.  Ty Stoober, fellow gay buddy of Jim "Molehill" Moeller discovered how worthless Molehill's political support is; and Galina Burley discovered that having the entirety of the Downtown Mafia shilling for you ain't enough when you're a political coward.

These three were on the CCP "Do not elect" list, not a bad outing for an inaugural run.

Like the freeholder vote where a half dozen leftists and one GOP'er are running... meaning it's likely the GOP'er wins... democrats splitting the vote strengthens the GOP hand.

As a community, we're best served by these and many others not being a part of our government.

Well done to the victors... on to the general!

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Peter V said...

I am pleased that it looks like all the conservative candidates did well. I was hoping for a higher percentage for Stewart but we are well positioned going into the general in Vancouver and Battle Ground. I am looking forward to tomorrow night. I have had good conversations, with Decker and Lamb and they can make a positive influence on their respective city councils. A number of the people in the circle that went down tonight are running for freeholder and I hope this is an indication as to what will happen to them as well. With the freeholders the most important item is we get freeholders that will chose to allow office holders to finish their terms. This is the biggest risk we face in the freeholders. I haven't heard Stuart mention it yet, so I am hopeful he is over looking that possibility. I know Lasher is aware of it, but he is opposed to the freeholder process and wants to kill it.