Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Looks like Molehill Moeller was lying just the tiniest bit about his finances.

We all read about Moeller ripping off the taxpayers on unneeded per diem for days he did not spend in Olympia: the rest of the world calls that "theft."

Moeller, who personally helped the CRC Scammers to waste tens of millions, took twice as much as any other legislator in Clark County for per diem when, in fact, he was not there.

As Speaker Pro Tem, he has all the use of a Pontiac hood ornament.

Moeller was not involved in negotiations; in fact, the only time he "needed" to be there was on those infrequent days when the House was in session.  If he cared about anyone but himself, he would have dumped the apartment on the last day of session and then just charged per deim every day he was actually there.

But he whined and sniveled about it, claiming:
"As long as I maintain an apartment in Olympia (and I have) double insurance, and double utilities and double mortgages or rent, then I'm going to maintain taking per diem," Moeller said by phone Friday, adding that he also took a reimbursement for his dry cleaning costs. "Quite honestly, without a per diem, I can't afford to continue to be a legislator. Maybe others have a different financial situation."
He's lying, of course.  That much is obvious, particularly when he tweets this kind of nonsense.

Credit: Lew Waters

I've got several suggestions.  He would hate them all.  But that's besides the point:

How is it that this scumbag can't afford to stop taking per diem when he's not even there in Olympia... and then, still have enough money for a European vacation?

It's because he's a tax-leaching, lying slimeball.

But then, we all knew that.... right?

And BTW, Molehill?  Imagine how much better off we'd all be without you.  So, if you find it too damned difficult to do the job without raping the taxpayers so you can go on European Vacations, then maybe you should just resign.

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Jack said...

one suggestion is for Molehill to ride a high speed train with a madman driver - he's already very well used to "running with the Bull"