Tuesday, August 06, 2013

CRC Scammers like Cleveland learn nothing: what part of "no" don't you get?

Like a political attack of herpes, this rip off just keeps coming back... much like many had suspected.

Clearly, the CRC Scammers learned absolutely nothing from their crushing defeat in their effort to rape this community for the next 50 years to waste billions on an outright scam.

Among the worst offenders?

Democrat Sen. Anette "We've got 25 votes" Cleveland (Idiot - 49) who lives in some sort of alternative universe where reality isn't allowed to intrude.
State Sen. Annette Cleveland, D-Vancouver, a strong supporter of the CRC, has said "we're too close to give up." She confirmed some details of the latest push Tuesday evening, and said she welcomed any effort to move forward.
"I believe there's a willingness on everyone's part to explore any option that might be viable," Cleveland said. "I think that's our responsibility."
There is no possible way to describe how wrong this moron is.  First. McCaig has already rejected any other alternative.  Second, without light rail, those scum won't agree to anything.

One wonders: was Cleveland BORN this stupid?  Or was it an acquired skill?

At the end of the day, Scammers STILL want the CRC exactly like it is: no compromise, no removal of loot rail, no raising the bridge to the right height.... none of it, proving the definition that insanity is doing the same thing, over and over, while expecting a different out come.

McCaig, chief Oregon skank and ethically challenged foot stool working for John Tollhaber, babbled thus: 
But McCaig said that it would be "almost irresponsible," given all the work and money spent to date, including $170 million spent for planning alone, not to try salvaging the project. She believes a narrowly revised project can still qualify for federal funds, notably $850 million for light rail. Radically different proposals, such as a tunnel or an additional bridge, are off the table, however.
The CRC Scammers, of course, offer nothing different, and obviously have learned nothing.  Loot rail kills this deal along with the waste of hundreds of millions for mitigation because these scum won't raise the height of the bridge.

It's done.  It's dead.  No screwing around with the books is going to make it UN-dead.   These slime need to get over it.

For Oregon to simply disregard other options, while typical of their arrogance, does nothing to address the issues.  And until the issues ARE addressed, then the answer, which has been "no," will REMAIN "no."


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