Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The questionable value of democratian endorsements.

When your priorities are as screwed up as the local democratian's, you begin to notice a few things when it comes to their endorsement process.

The endorsement process is heavily weighted: in Vancouver, it's typically this:
Are you a democrat?

Are you a democrat incumbent?

Do you support the CRC Scam?

Do you support the rest of our agenda?
Once you make it through that filter, then you stand a great chance of getting elected.

Case in point, the idiocy of claiming that "Incumbent Jack Burkman as the singularly qualified candidate in the race for Position No. 1."

Actually, he is no such thing.  But when you line him up to the criteria I've shown above, and modify the democratian's observation to read thus:
"Incumbent Jack Burkman as the singularly qualified candidate that most closely matches our criteria regardless of his desire to screw the public in the race for Position No. 1."
The democratian will never endorse a candidate in Vancouver who opposes the CRC Scam or tolls or both.  They will never endorse anyone to the right of Lenin.

So, how'd they do over all, after endorsing the candidates farthest to the left?

• Galina Burley and Anne McEnerny-Ogle in the race for Position No. 3.

Well, Burley was crushed, amassing a huge 18% of the vote... proving that being the downtown mafia's bitch won't get you elected... even in Vancouver.

M-O amassed a 35% vote.  Neither number was overwhelming: verdict?

Endorsement didn't help.

• Alishia Topper and Ty Stober in the race for Position No. 2.

Stober was also crushed, coming in a distant 3rd, kind of pre-ordained after the dual weight of both the Molehill's arrogant endorsement (Kind of like his endorsement of Marc Boldt, come to think of it... how much did THAT help Boldt?) and the kiss of death from the democratian with their fantasy endorsement.

Top-less was all that was left... in the democratian's effort to get rid of the anti-CRC Scam councilwoman Jeanne Stewart.

Endorsement didn't help.

• Incumbent Jack Burkman as the singularly qualified candidate in the race for Position No. 1.

Decoded: "Incumbent Jack Burkman is our bitch."

Even with the mark of Demo-satan supplied by the democratian, the community sell out known as Jack Burkman only picked up 45% of the vote.

Endorsement didn't help.

Memo to the democratian:  Fawning over someone just because they use your agenda as their bible,won't help get them elected.

In fact, because your have lied, exaggerated, twisted and insulted so many smart enough to oppose your utopian vision... endorsements are likely to hurt.

Right, Ty?

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Jack said...

Burkman isn't qualified to dump garbage cans or exterminate rats