Monday, January 14, 2019

Still living in the empty cranium of a former party chair.

Yes, it's pretty clear that the most recent past party chair disaster simply can't let go.

He maintains delusions of mattering... and control... over issues that simply do not concern him.  He wants back in so badly he obsesses over it.  And that is never... ever... going to happen.

Politically, Gellatly is a nothing, a nobody.  He STILL hasn't figured out that has no more say.  His incompetence can no longer infect the local party.  In fact, I'm really sure that the AG's office will find it rather refreshing to be dealing with competent, sober adults instead of what they've BEEN dealing with: drugged out, cult-style leadership that frankly has been an embarrassment to GOP politics here locally.

Most recently, he babbled about the likely illegal action of the Whitman County GOP in their effort to overturn the lawful election of a PCO they hung out to dry, one James Allsup. 

One can agree or disagree with the WCGOP's actions, or Allsup's, for that matter; those are not for this post.

But the irony of a liar; someone charged with Theft 3 on 4 different occasions with multiple DUI's to boot and a self-confessed cocaine user WHILE PARTY CHAIR, even MENTIONING the word "integrity?"

That tends to speaks for itself.

But the GREATEST irony of all of this is what this moron wrote next.  It's kinda like that idiot from CNN (Acosta) standing in front of a section of border wall and pointing out that it was all calm in an effort to discredit the president over his demands that a wall be built.

Here... look at them for yourself:

The irony?

Had Gellatly been vetted in ANY WAY, his criminal record of theft charges and his multiple DUI's would have come to light along with his bench warrants and other legal issues... which would have easily kept HIM from EVER BECOMING THE CHAIR OF THE GOP.

That's the problem with leftists and RINOs. They only want to apply their standards to others... and never themselves.  It's the same variety of astounding hypocrisy he's known for.

Now, I don't know anything more than anyone else about Allsup, save he's become an establishment/RINO lightening rod because, among other things, he participated in the infamous "Charlottesville" riot that resulted in the death of a counter protester.  Here's Wiki's take:

But Allsup's issues are his to deal with.  I have pointed out that the Whitman County GOP has no legal ability to summarily overturn the results of the elective process, but that is not an endorsement of Allsup's politics any more than observing that Druggy Dave involving himself in the Proud Boys protests (And many feel the same way about them as they do Allsup) is an endorsement of their positions.

There are many differences between me and Allsup, not the least of which is I would have been in court the NEXT DAY.  But that's neither here nor there...

The local has-been simply cannot seem to get me out of his head as I remind everyone of who he is and the damage he's done to the county GOP while simultaneously pointing out that he has no say, no involvement and frankly, that no one cares what he thinks.  That's a direct result of his efforts to remain the one thing he most definitely is not: relevant.

Davey, who shortly before his long-overdue exit from the political scene stupidly ran a censure motion against me that lasted for all of what, 3 weeks, even before I was a MEMBER of the local GOP, engages in mental masturbation over some miracle action coming along that would do the same thing to me as they did to Allsup.

But then, Druggy has never been very big on those who oppose him, doing all he can to silence anyone who doesn't share his peculiar views on anything.

That perspective is much more antifa than it is Republican, of course: silencing the opposition is something they're very big on doing... or in Druggy's case, TRYING to do.

So, what Davey is doing and is going to do, is stand in the back of the room and throw grenades at everyone doing the heavy lifting of repairing the damage he caused.  And, as always, if anyone who CAN do something about the terrible shape Druggy left us in actually DOES something about it, Druggy won't like that and, well, we can expect more grenades.

You might want to take a look at this example of how helpful our local scumbag is planning on being to assist in fixing the stupid shape he left the party in when he was over.

He'll continue to attack, to criticize, to do everything he can to assure that the GOP becomes as worthless as it was because of his tenure.

Well, Druggy; here's your chance:  Be Bold you worthless punk: Stop feeling sorry for yourself.  Stop believing you were anything but the disaster I've documented.

You've blown the first option of leading.  And your battleship-sized arrogant ego won't allow you to follow... so do us all a favor and get the hell out of the way.  You bury yourself deeper with each whine and each snivel.  You're out.  You're gone.  You ain't coming back.

In fact, go hook up with the democrats.  With your record and how much you tried to help them during your horrific tenure, I'm sure they'd love to have you.

And, once again, I never thought I'd say this... but props to Carolyn Crain for at least trying to be the adult in the middle of that kindergarten.

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