Friday, January 11, 2019

Druggy still doesn't get it: what he thinks, wants or concludes about local GOP business simply doesn't matter.

It would appear that, perhaps, had Stacy Jesser actually won the GOP Chair race, her function would have been to be Gellatly's puppet and continue to allow the chemically enhanced one to call the shots.

Thank God that didn't happen.

Now, you may be asking yourself: what makes Hinton believe that.

Simple, really: this picture wound up coming into my possession.  It speaks for itself.

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Once again, Gellatly shows that level of confusion, narcissism, superiority and arrogance that marked his horrific tenure as GOP Chair.

Davey, here's the problem: You've got no say.

You aren't some warlord.  You don't own any PCO's.  You have made it clear that as stupid a dullard as you are, you seem to think you can simply snap your snowy fingers and reassume control of an organization that pretty much made it clear... through its votes... that they want nothing to do with you.

What you think, what you want, however much you idiotically demand that the free speech of candidates be limited like the fringe-left nutjob you are?

NONE of that is going to happen.

Dude, you are OVER.  Now, we're (and notice I used the word "we're?"  That's because, unlike you, this effort includes ME) focusing on repairing the massive amount of damage you inflicted on the local GOP during the nightmare that was, well, you.

So, let me help you with that:

Of course, there is no such plan.  And, of course, you have no more of an idea as to what constitutes "normal people" than you do integrity.  That it pisses you off somehow merely goes to how right on both the schedule and the template to identify the 3 names for the council actually are.

But you simply seem unable to grasp the fact that as much as you pout?

You ain't got no say.

However much time we allow candidates to talk and how many rounds of voting?

However long WE (And that, thankfully, does NOT include YOU) like.  And however many rounds it takes.

And if that is all day?  Guess what?  That's none of your business.

I get that you're still butthurt over your cult membership losing the oh-so-carefully laid plan to keep control that blew up in your face: your humiliation was obvious and SO precious.

Further, of course, for YOU to expound on "reasonable" makes as much sense as Stalin expounding on democracy.

There is precisely ZERO need to amend anything.  And oh, those lessons you taught about ignoring the rules... like you did SOOOOO many times... why, they've really left an impression.

And as for who the Board had there or didn't have during the meeting there... that is, you guessed... ALSO none of your business. Whatever makes you think it is?

As for being "disruptive," no one disrupted more than you.  And when it comes to who was "through" [sic] off the Board in 2017, well, almost ALL of your cult was tossed of the Board in 2018, weren't they?

And when it comes to "nominating puppets," could you POSSIBLY be a bigger, rank, reeking hypocrite?

Odd that YOU had no problem getting YOUR puppets put into place, yet you bitch because you believe that someone else may be doing the same thing?  (Even though that's also untrue; they've just wised up to you)

And clearly, your ignorance ALSO extends to the process underway to find someone to take the 4th District seat.

Again, you stupidly babble: "Now their group is nominating every puppet they can find."

That's not how this works, moron.   Any individual interested in getting on the list has the right to run."Their group" isn't nominating spit.  These people nominate THEMSELVES, and while that may not have been the way YOU did business, that's the way THIS Administration gets it done.

They follow the rules, both letter... and intent.

Then you whine: "to try to have hours of speeches and multiple rounds of voting."

Well, of course, as ignorant and inexperienced as you are, that's how it's ALWAYS been done.  It was done long before anyone ever heard of your dumb ass, and it'll be done that way long after you're gone.

Now, Davey, do you get it?  You lost.  Your hand-picked replacements lost.  Your plan failed.

You're out, done, over, a spectator and trust me when I tell you this:

Nobody gives a shit what you think because; well, now that you're gone?

Nobody has to.

And remember, G.  You are ALSO gone.  And that's how you're gonna stay.

So, make sure to come on by on the 15th.  We won't even hire any strip club thugs as idiotic "security" to keep you out in the parking lot, where you so obviously belong... you know, like somebody we both know did to arrange the coup of October of 2017?

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