Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Is it time to censure our congresswoman?

With her most recent betrayal of joining with 7 other Republicans and the entirety of the democrat House Caucus in voting to reopen government, it's fairly clear that anyone paying attention can see that her post election mea-culpa, an election where she managed to lose Clark County by a substantial number as a result of then-Party incompetence and her own inability to vote like a Republican, essentially made zero real difference to her and from that debacle, taught her nothing.

Here's what she told us in Clark County Today after her humiliating defeat in the largest county in her district by far:
That’s the word Jaime Herrera Beutler uses most often following her re-election to Washington’s 3rd Congressional District for a fifth term. 
Humbled, in part because it was her narrowest win since her first run for the seat. Also humbled because, after eight years representing her district, voters are still willing to give her a chance.
"Give her a chance?"

If the democrats would ever send up a well-funded candidate who was close to mainstream, instead of the downtown Portland leftists they usually run, HERRERA WOULD HAVE LOST.

"Give her a chance?"

How many "chances" does she get?


Indeed.  She was returned to office because her only skill is sadly convincing people that she's actually doing something.  Had a well-financed conservative ran against her, she wouldn't have survived the primary.

Think in terms of Marc "22%" Boldt.

But when I ask those people foolish enough to expect a different outcome from her after proving that she puts herself ahead of everyone else has she has for the 11 unfortunate years she's been in elective office, I have yet to hear from any of them what accomplishments she can point to that have made any substantial difference of any kind in the 3rd Congressional District.

Her fails pile up in a Mount Everest variety of height compared to a Hockinson Hill smattering of successes, none of which resulted in anything of note.

Failure one:  This moron joined with our two fringe-left nutjob senators in condemning then Candidate Trump over an 11 year old tape.

Failure two: She announced that she was refusing to vote for the President, instead, making it clear she intended to write in RINO Speaker Paul Ryan, who shares her views in sabotaging President Trump's agenda in the House as her next failure shows.

This resulted in hundreds of write-in votes for others instead of her.  And you can bet that our resident leftist congresswoman will repeat her voting performance in 2020 as well, again refusing to vote for President Trump.

Failure three: she has continued to insult the President since he was elected, as if jamming a stick in HIS eye will certainly result in some benefit for this congressional district, again putting herself ahead of her constituents.

Failure four:  When the vote mattered, after repeatedly voting to kill the hated and damaging Obamacare, she stupidly voted to CONTINUE Obamacare, once again joining with her leftist colleagues.

Failure five:  In the face of additional efforts by the state of Oregon to enslave residents of Washington State by further extorting additional tens of millions of dollars from our commuting population through tolling already paid-for freeways in addition to their usurious state income tax, an inability to get a bill to stop this theft out of the House because of her incompetence and low standing within the GOP Caucus due to her demonstrated lack of intellectual capacity and her eagerness to trash the current Administration.

How a Member of Congress cannot even get a bill through a House that HER party controls goes to her incompetence OR the fact that she SUPPORTS Oregon's extortion.  And her excuse... that it died because neither of our senators would support it?

That is utterly foolish claptrap by a woman looking for an excuse.  It frankly smacks of a lie... not that they wouldn't support it; that much is very true.  But that, as a result, the bill didn't survive?

That simply doesn't pass the straight face test.  If they chose to aid Oregon in their theft, that would be on them. It, in fact, would certainly serve to alienate much of SW Washington come their reelection efforts.


Nothing.  And that's what you get when you have a congresswoman who's very big on mailing it in.

Failure six:  In her now over a decade in elective office, she has failed to do anything to address the issues confronting us concerning cross-river transportation.

She has offered no plan, no vision and no idea.  She has come out in favor of tolling, ala the recently resurrected CRC, so that, had she her way, we would ultimately wind up paying tolls to sit in traffic over a bridge we do not need, do not want, and cannot afford; all so we can THEN pay additional usury to the State of Oregon as a direct result of her years-long failure to act Congressionally to gain control over this stupidity.

So, I ask the question: how many more times must she vote with the democrats on major Republican bedrock legislation before we act?  How many more times does she get to vote democrat when we NEED her to vote like a Republican?  How many years of inactivity must we tolerate?

There's the questions.  And I believe it's time those questions be put to her.

If she is to insist on sounding, acting and voting like a democrat, that is certainly her privilege.  But she cannot realistically expect to engage in that garbage under the banner of the Republican Party.

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Glenn Kincaid said...

I totally agree. I will be a vote to censure. She doesn't listen or respond to us. I wrote her the last e mail she will get and ignore from me.