Friday, March 02, 2018

For sheer entertainment value, the Quiring-Boldt race is going to be hard to beat. I can already feel the local GOP RINOs squirming.

Looks like Davey Gellatly's worst nightmare (besides ever using a spell-checker) has come true.

Eileen Quiring has announced against my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, for the county chair position.

I make no secret of the fact that Boldt is a total incompetent who runs a government that no one even wants to work for.

He has been banned by the Public Disclosure Commission from running... or having a family member run... his own campaign finances.... yet somehow, he's in charge of the finances of THIS county?


As I knew he would were he to be elected, it appears that he's been instrumental in raising every county tax that could be raised and every county fee that could be raised.  He's reinstituted all of the fees possible for new business, and generally done everything he could to erase any conservative impact of David Madore and Tom Mielke.  He continues to rabidly support the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

The only thing greater than his incompetence is his predictability.

And now.... now, the local GOP cabal has a problem.

We all know that Davey Gellatly used my blog to trash fake Republican Carolyn Crain.  That, of course, doesn't stop him from threatening or attacking me and my meager effort here.

But there is no doubting the high levels of hypocrisy to which this clown has ascended.

Meanwhile, Crain hovers over the GOP like the huge black cloud announcing a storm is coming any minute.

We all remember her fake Republican group that worked so hard to get the Young Democrat-endorsed Boldt elected to county chair: her hatred of conservatives is well known, as is the distaste for all conservatives by the current local GOP regime.

So now, the question is clear: how does the local party set about to screw Quiring in her efforts to unseat Boldt and actually get a Republican in charge of this government?

As I've already pointed out, the local regime has not even wanted a Republican to run against Boldt, even though Boldt has long since dropped any pretense of BEING a Republican.

One need only go over to the GOP Regime's list of candidates to see that they have been making zero effort to find a Republican to run against Boldt, just like they made it clear they were going to trash Liz Pike once she announced.

Expect at least one fake Republican to run so they can split the GOP vote.  Expect the RINO scum infesting us, like those supporting Rivers' sockpuppet in the 18th, Larry Hoff, to rabidly support my full-on democrat, tax and spend liberal brother-in-law.

And expect the local GOP to do everything they possibly can to keep that leftist that no one really wants to work with, in office.  After all, he picked up 39% of the vote last time, hardly a ringing endorsement.

Because that's how the scum running the local GOP show roll.

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