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How worthless is the PDC? An interesting story concerning local media bias and Marc Boldt/David Madore - if Lefty Lou likes you, he likes you.

Regular readers know that to my shame, the chair of the Clark County Council is my fringe-left brother-in-law, Marc Boldt.

There is zero difference in his governance than there was that of former commissioner Steve Stuart, who programed Boldt to ignore the people he would govern and to just do what he wants, regardless of what's best for us or what we want.  That's why, for example, he was such a rabid CRC scammer and why he steadfastly refused to put the issue to a vote when he was polluting the county commission with his presence.

Along comes David Madore, who played a huge role in gathering up the ammo needed to drop the CRC, temporarily, into the river. (Our local RINO contingent of Rivers, Wilson, Vick and Harris are doing their best to resurrect that zombie.)

Because Madore helped so much to kill the CRC/Loot Rail scam that Lyin' Lefty Lou and his sidekick, Johnny "Cockroach" Laird, proceeded to beat the hell out of him; lying, exaggerating and, well, just generally making it up about him.

So, if anyone even THOUGHT about filing a PDC complaint against Madore, it got ink.  Usually, front page.

Boldt, on the other hand?

He could be arrested for axe murder and you wouldn't hear about it in the cancer on our community.

Is it any wonder the media is so despised?  Both locally and nationally?

Off and on for years, now, I've been writing about my brother-in-law's effort to cover the removal of $5000 from his 2012 campaign, where he claimed he paid himself $5000 to repay a loan that, as it turns out, he'd never made to his own campaign.

The APPEARANCE of that $5000 payment he made to himself, claiming a loan repayment, is one of flatout theft, using a loan repayment to cover it.

Note the amount showing under (Loans.  it's $0.00
As you can see from this screen capture from Boldt's PDC's he had not received ANY loan dollars from anyone... including himself.

Yet here is a screen capture that shows he paid himself $5000 from his campaign to repay himself a loan.

That he had clearly never made.

Screen capture of Boldt's expenditures that shows he had paid himself $5000.

Last September, after writing about it MANY times on this blog, I filed a formal complaint with the PDC alleging that Boldt had stolen $5000 from his own campaign fund for his own personal use.

For whatever the reason, my complaint was combined (without my knowledge or approval) with a complaint which had been filed by Kenny Smith as Chair of the Clark County GOP.

The outcome of Smith's complaint was that his (Smith's) complaint was founded; and that as a result,
At the January 26, 2017 Commission meeting, the Commission accepted the signed Stipulation of Facts, Violations and Penalty, which assessed a total civil penalty of $2,500 of which $1,500 is suspended on the following condition: (1) Mr. Boldt pays the $1,000 non-suspended portion of the penalty within 30 days of the date of this Order; (2) Mr. Boldt commits no further violations of RCW 42.17A or WAC 390 for four years from the date of this Order; (3) In any future campaign in which Mr. Boldt is a candidate, neither he nor one of his family members may serve as his campaign treasurer; he will use an experienced and trained treasurer in any future campaigns; and (4) In the event Mr. Boldt fails to meet any of the above terms of this order, the entire penalty of $2,500.00 which includes the suspended portion of the penalty ($1,500.00), will become immediately due without any further intervention of the Commission.  PDC staff will refer the debt to the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) for collection.
Did that make it into the newspaper?


Why not?

And what's my beef?

Here is the particular finding concerning MY allegation:
"Staff reviewed the bank statements provided by Mr. Boldt "which confirmed that the Campaign did not make a $5,000 bank deposit on July 19, 2012, as listed on the Schedule L to C-4 report.  In addition, the bank statements confirmed that the Campaign did not make a $5,000 loan repayment to Mr. Boldt on August 29, 2012."
OK.  Swell.

That, of course, led to the following:

1.  That $5000 went SOMEWHERE.  if Boldt didn't get it... who did and under what circumstances and for what?

2.  Boldt obviously filed a false expenditure report.  How come the PDC did not punish him for this obvious lie?

3.  And Boldt, to this day, has failed to file an amended C4 to explain where that money DID go.

Here's the thing: when you send in one of these forms concerning money, one of the more interesting things you're doing is certifying that what you send in is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
CERTIFICATION: I certify that the information herein and on accompanying schedules and attachments is true and correct to the best of my knowledge,”  and he signed that on September 10, 2012.
Boldt OBVIOUSLY knew he was lying.  This wasn't a simple "mistake," this was his EIGHTH election where he had to file PDC's and it's not like he didn't know PRECISELY what he was doing.... yet the PDC referred to that as an "error." The PDC would have us believe that a false... OBVIOUSLY false... expenditure filing is relegated to the status of an ERROR?
PDC staff did not have[sic] review the 2012 campaign filings other than the loan issue, nor was there any reason to do so once the bank statements were reviewed.  In addition, Mr. Boldt acknowledged the error on the record at the Commission hearing and he realized that he did not process the transaction properly in ORCA, but stated those were the facts.
Yes, there WAS other reasons to "do so:"  BOLDT LIED.

He ADMITTED he lied.  No further review of his 2012 campaign filing was required: the evidence was RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM

So, OK.  He provided bank records to indicate that HE had not received the money.  Why wasn't he required to provide bank records to show who DID?

And you see, this goes to the worthlessness of the cancer on our community known as the Columbian. and the somewhat more than questionable value of the Public Disclosure Commission.

Can you even BEGIN to imagine the hack jobs Lefty Lou and his winged monkeys would be doing on David Madore if this had been him instead of Boldt?

As a result, on the 15th of this month, I filed a separate PDC complaint alleging Boldt lied (and the evidence is overwhelming) and a complaint with the Attorney General's office alleging both that Boldt lied and that the Public Disclosure Commission had failed to do anything about it.

Don't hold your breath that the rag will print anything about any of it that even begins to approach how they handled the multiple filings of even unfounded cases against Madore, where they would typically make a big splash about such complaints being filed... but then typically say next to nothing... or nothing at all... when they were thrown out.

Because that's how these leftist scum roll.

Boldt should be forced to resign over this.  And if it were any conservative generally or David Madore particularly, don't think for one minute that the carbuncle on a donkey's butt known as our democrat daily wouldn't be screaming for his scalp... just like they did when he was a new state representative and the rag used to enjoy telling us how "stupid" he was and how he should "resign" before the voters threw him out.

Tom Koenninger demanding Boldt's resignation.

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