Friday, February 17, 2017

Did you know yesterday was a "day without illegal aliens?"

Actually, the fringe-left stupidly called it a "Day without immigrants" because they refuse to differentiate between the two.

For the intellectually challenged, let me help with that:

An "immigrant" is someone who came here legally.  They did the paperwork.  They waited in line.  They respected our laws.

An illegal alien is a criminal.  They could care less about our laws; they crossed the border illegally and they've committed multiple crimes since their arrival.

To conflate the word "immigrant" with the words "illegal alien" is an insult to immigrants everywhere.

That, however, is neither here not there.

As I expected, the effort was an abysmal failure.  It made precisely zero noticeable difference except to cost those illegals who actually didn't come to work... and the working innocent bystanders of the neo-communist businesses that closed down in "sympathy"... a day's pay.

So, what did yesterday prove?

The exact, precise opposite of what the leftist haters wanted it to prove.

It proved that as a nation, we could do very well without the illegal aliens plaguing us.

That's definitely NOT what the leftists were hoping for: they wanted some sort of paralysis to take place.  The grinding of the economic wheels of this country to a halt.

Well, those who foolishly believed that was going to happen need to climb aboard the

I appreciate the effort, however, since it confirmed what everyone already knew: we can do quite well without depending on the illegal aliens taking jobs away from those here legally or those who are citizens of this great country.

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