Thursday, February 16, 2017

Updated list on the senators selling us out on the CRC Scam.

In laying out the list of local pols who'd sold us out on the senate bill resurrecting the CRC zombie, I left a name off.

I apologize.  Identifying the fake Republicans selling us out is certainly something I would never intentionally screw up, but in this instance, I absolutely did by not giving her the credit where due.

The complete list of senators who sold us out on SB 5806 is as follows:

Cleveland, Rivers, Wilson, Hobbs, Chase, Nelson

Now, we know Cleveland would sell her own mother to get loot rail into Vancouver: she's owned by the special interests/downtown mafia like the 13th Amendment was, in fact, the 13th Suggestion.

"Gas Tax/Sasquatch" Rivers is well versed in the art of betrayal in a variety of ways and under a great many circumstances, some that might.... MIGHT.... surprise people like it did me... but, of course, once the act of betrayal is established, every new act becomes easier.

This betrayal is no exception.  After screwing this county out of $700 million, screwing us out of additional billions is mere child's play.

The newest add-on to the list, the one I'd overlooked... is also a RINO... one Sen. Lynda Willson.

Wilson, who wasn't around for the CRC battle in the Senate last time, will do precisely and absolutely what she's told by those who have a chain around her neck.

Follow the money, kids.  After the last county election, where Wilson abandoned Rep. Liz Pike like the other local RINOs because Tracy Wilson wanted Boldt siting in the commission chair; Wilson... who had fooled everyone (including me) into actually BELIEVING she was a conservative, showed her true colors when she ignored the woman who had done the most to get her elected to the House... has now joined with the other RINOs to start the process of replacing a bridge that doesn't NEED to be replaced while ignoring the options available that actually would make a difference in the issue of traffic congestion; the number one problem facing us in our cross-river transportation universe.

Imagine, if you will, what the Senate representation of this county would look like if these two fake Republicans had ran on a platform of ramming this ripoff down our throats?

But then, Rivers doesn't care that she lied directly to become a senator, and Wilson will certainly be the puppet of Tracy and the others who own her like she's a commodity.  So, maybe it wouldn't have made any difference if they had the guts needed to tell us the truth when it would have mattered and before additional billions were yoked around the commuting public's neck.


And when these two run for election to anything... I'll be here to remind them and the rest of the world how what happened with the rape of our wallets was planned and executed by these fake Republicans.

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