Thursday, February 16, 2017

For years, local RINOs told us to "just wait until the GOP controls _____ to get rid of Obamacare."

At first, the RINO faction around here, particularly that led by Brent Boger, told us to "just wait."

"Just wait until we get the House back."  Well, we've waited 6 years and nothing.

"Just wait until we get the Senate back."  Well, we've waited 2 years and nothing.

"Just wait until we get the White House."  Well, we've GOT the damned White House, and what are the same RINO's who've been siting on their thumbs doing... the same RINOs who RAN on getting rid of Obamacare?

Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

During the Obama regime, the House passed Obamacare repeal SIX TIMES.



This goes to the heart of the issue with the GOP: they have shown on many occasions that they have a basic knowledge of how to GET power... but that they have zero clue on how to keep it.

You know... like, say.... by KEEPING YOUR FRICKING WORD?

It's almost like it's a disease spreading through the GOP.

Here, locally, the most egregious example was the absolute betrayal of her district and this county by Ann "Gas Tax"Rivers, who GAVE HER WORD TO GET ELECTED that she would oppose gas tax and tab fee increases:

Screen capture from Rivers' campaign website - 2012
As we all know by now, she was lying, of course, and because we were foolish enough to believe her (and God Knows, I blame myself for that since I wrote this for her) we are going to be $700 million dollars poorer as a result.

Like Rivers, most of the entirety of the GOP controlling Congress (save for our own gutless, do-nothing congresswomen) ran on repealing Obamacare.  And, at first, we were told to "just wait."

Wait until the GOP controlled the House.  Wait until the GOP controlled the Senate.

Of course, the GOP has controlled BOTH of those organizations for years... and what have the RINOs done?

Nothing.  Because, like Rivers, they lied to get elected.

How bizarre is it that after all of this... after all of the lies from the GOP... it turns out that it doesn't matter WHO controls what in Congress or the Legislature.

NONE of them give a damn about us; all of them just do whatever the hell they want and WE are to blame.

WE send these cowards and liars back.  US.  This is even more OUR fault then it is theirs:  they COUNT on our stupidity and short attention span and willful self-ignorance... where we are lied to time after time after time... and then when the election campaigns roll around, as a group, we simply bend over and yell, "thank you, Sir, may I have another?"

With these crooks in charge, if the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor TODAY, instead of a declaration of war, these clowns would apologize to the Japanese for the costs of their bombs and ask them how we could better line up our ships as targets in the future.

Meanwhile, NOTHING gets done.

And the Establishment RINOs wouldn't have it any other way.

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