Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Boldt Blight to descend on Clark County.

Yes, soon the local version of Lenin will get the job his puppet masters have wanted him to take back for so long.

And what are his marching orders?

To undo everything the conservative majority has done to turn this county into an economic power house.

That means immediately increasing taxes.

That means immediately increasing fees.

That means immediately increasing regulations.

That means an immediate, huge step backwards for the entirety of this county.

But then, someone much brighter than I once said two things of note:

"We have the government we deserve," and "voters have the attention span of a gnat."

Yes, Clark County now has the leprosy of a scam charter that was lied into existence by none other than this self-same Boldt and his leftist buddies.

For my part, I wrongly believed the voters were smarter than that, but when RINOs get involved to muddy the waters, any outcome is possible, since the only political principles they have are, in fact, no all.

Boldt, of course, supported the Charter scam for this very reason.  He saw it as an opportunity to undo the 2012 election where he was rather unceremoniously thrown out on his ass for voting like he was the local version of Harry Reid in supporting so many things the people of this county loathed.

For whatever the reason, the people of this county, having been urged by our RINO contingent to simply ignore his past is prologue record of governance, did just that in the actually insane hope that he would either change... or that he wasn't what they knew, deep down inside, he was: a full on, tax and spend leftist.

Boldt, formerly a hard core Christian, didn't help things any by letting his vanity allow him to lie about who... and what.... he was.  But this career politician had learned how to play the game very well, and with lying leftist scum like Jim Mains dragging him across the finish line, I suppose that my hope the people would remember that Boldt was from the Steve Stuart school of "I really don't give a damn what the people want" governance went unrealized.

Endorsed by about every fringe-left group in the region, supported by most of the leftists in any positions of power, the voters here failed to ask themselves: why is Boldt attracting people who's governance has cost us so so much and done us so much harm?

This served to reinforce the stereotype that brought us Obamacare, among other things; based on the innate, counted on stupidity of the voters.

Well, Boldt, ably abetted by fellow leftists Stewart and Olson, are going to turn the next year into a nightmare.  The CRC will come back with a vengeance; tax increase after tax increase will be slapped down on the table in front of us, fee increase after fee increase will be stuffed down our throats and all while the savages of the C3G2 ilk will dance around the corpse of bastardized democracy while the Boldt Blight spreads like a poison throughout the region.

And those most responsible will be, ultimately, those held most accountable.

And you know who you are.

I'm sure the swearing in will be one big party.

But *I* won't be there, because, primarily, I am ashamed I even know the man.

And now... because of this puppet and his masters... we are all going to suffer.

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Dick Sohn said...

Thanks for the expose'. We need to keep the pressure on. The Wilson wannabe Dynasty and their useful idiot Stewart, the zombie parade of RINO Republicans of yore, the BS Morris contingent and the cadre of the clueless need to stay in the crosshairs. I intend to keep them there along with you.