Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Clark County GOP website idiocy continues...

When last I checked into the local RINO site (a little over 3 weeks ago), I smacked Davey around because he was so ignorant that he didn't know Doug Lasher, Clark County Treasurer, was a democrat... and has been one in office... for a paltry 34 years or so, stupidly listing him as a Republican on the County GOP website.

I also pointed out that Insane Clown has failed to list a need for a Republican to run against my blithering idiot brother-in-law, Chair Marc Boldt... who is ALSO not a "Republican."

How is HE listed?

What's so strange about that?

When Davey Delete WANTS a GOP candidate to run, the position says this:

(R Candidate Needed)

Doesn't seem to say that after Boldt, does it?

Odd, isn't it that Clown doesn't believe a Republican should run against Boldt.

Why do you suppose THAT is?  I've asked him... and he won't tell me.
Maybe all of you reading this should ask him... you know, to get an explanation of this back-stabbing crap Delete is so known for?  Try this link:

When you've got a party chair that doesn't know any more about this county than he does performing an abdominal resection, that kind of incompetence is par for Davey Delete's course.

But that's not all... the boy apparently hasn't yet mastered the art of the SPELLCHECKER.

As a product of Seattle Public Schools, I freely admit I'm not the world's greatest speller...

But even I can tell that something's wrong with this:

Where did this boy go to school, again?

Then there's this bit of incompetence:
Two weeks ago, the city council of the Vancouver Soviet appointed someone to the gig... just another member of the leftist Amen Choir to be sure...

But Davey's micro management being what it is and his failure to keep abreast of what's going on around here politically shows that this appointment seems to have gotten past him.

What's it all mean?

First, like his political incompetence, his proof-reading skills ain't much better.

Second, no one seems to be reading this web page, or someone would have pointed his incompetence out to him.

Third, he's coming across like an 8th grader.

Davey, do yourself a favor: get somebody else to take over the web site.  I get that a lack of morality combined with a certain narcissism makes you want to run everything, but like the Party you've conned, there's no need to run EVERYTHING into the ground, is there?

And as this idiotic lawsuit starts winding down... maybe it's time for you to drop it?

Because when you lose... how is THAT going to look... that you tried to bully your opposition into silence? 

It's the kind of thing that will dog you wherever you go.  Run for some other office... try and move up the party ladder... and between that and the mug shot collection, things ain't going to look all that great for you.  KWIM?

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