Monday, January 29, 2018

So, is THIS the problem with the local GOP Cult?

Besides the local "leadership," I mean... as delusional as it is?

What, exactly, are we supposed to be?

For the current leadership and elected officials, most without an iota of integrity, we are supposed to support anyone with an "R" after their names.

Doesn't matter what their record is.  Doesn't matter how many billions they waste.  Doesn't matter how much they lie.  Doesn't matter if they ignore their constituents.  Doesn't matter if they lie to get elected or vote like Jimmy Jacks on a 3 day leftist bender.

For me... that is simply impossible.  Continuing to support most of the lying scum, either in party leadership or elective office?

Not going to happen.

I'm not the only one who feels that way.  More and more voters are looking at the actual records of the slime that have ceased representing US in favor of representing the special interests who now own them like the 13th Amendment is the 13th Suggestion.

This isn't merely a local infestation of course: it's the same thing at the national level.

But we are much more able to deal with the local examples of these vermin.

In fact, our county chair, Davey "Delete" Gellatly assures me that I am neither a "conservative nor a Republican."

Why has he concluded that?

Is it because for me, the only action I CAN take is to vote against corrupt Republicans by voting for their opponents, democrat or not?

Is it because I take a great deal of time reminding everyone what these people have done?

Is it because I keep reminding everyone of his criminal record, his lack of integrity? His penchant for lying?  His incompetence? His persona of treating women like objects?

Well, if being a Republican means turning a blind eye to the rot and disease that infests the party hierarchy... then I guess I'm not.

If being a Republican means ignoring the lies of those we've stupidly elected... then I guess I'm not.

If being a Republican means ignoring the record, the extensive record... of the party chair... a record that proves beyond doubt that he shouldn't have the job... then I guess I'm not.

The irony of a political neophyte like Gellatly passing judgment on anyone cannot be overstated.  The fact that he acts more like sheep than he does a shepherd when it comes to politics is blinding to his cult followers.

His meek acceptance of these things... his failure, for example, to show the least reaction to the announcement that my fake Republican Senator, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers was hired by a DEMOCRAT CAMPAIGN FIRM while in the midst of "negotiating" the horrific rape of our wallets with the WEA tends to show that he is dramatically unconcerned about either "conservativism" OR "Republicanism."

Are we, as this type of "Republican" would demand, required to put a label over substance?

I would love to know.  I would love to know exactly what ANY of the scum the GOP has elected would have to do before Davey Delete would act in the best interests of the party.

Because up to now... this horrific political year that just passed... it's fairly clear that if, for example, Rivers were convicted of axe murder, the Gellatly Cult would demand that she remain in office.

After all, she's repeatedly murdered both the truth AND Republicanism... what's a little spilled blood?

Am I a conservative?  Absolutely.  But one can certainly BE a conservative without guzzling the Republican Establishment Kool-Aid.

I will continue reminding everyone of the few of you who read my meager effort here that Gellatly continues to trash... without reminding everyone of his efforts to feed me information... of all the things that NEED to be reminded.

I'm not exactly sure why what I write or say is so very important to him... but it is.  After all, no one ever reads this blog and all I put up is gossip, right?

But I, personally, will never put party in front of honesty and integrity.  Those who've earned the RINO label (which is, after all, the Republican In Name Only label) take a different view.  And there's no lie they can't tell, like Sen. Lynda Wilson's (D-Tracy) lie, supported by Rivers, that their budget betrayal which shoveled billions down the McCreary rat hole would actually result in all of us having "lower property taxes."

That was not only a lie... it was a lie delivered to the Clark County GOP PCOs.

They lied directly to the collective face of the GOP here.  And how did they, the leadership of the GOP respond?

The same way they responded when Rivers sold us out on the gas tax/tab fee vote for $700 million.

The same way they responded when Rivers, Vick, Harris and Wilson sold us out on the CRC/Loot Rail scam resurrection.

They same way they responded when Rivers and Wilson caused our property taxes to explode... by shoveling $5.5 BILLION into the WEA's coffers.

The same way they responded when Boldt and the 3 Stooges jacked up our property taxes and fees.

Of course, an active, aware and engaged party leadership wouldn't put up with leftist, democrat votes like this; not for a moment.  But since the leadership of the local GOP is only active, aware and engaged in trashing conservatives... like, for example, me... there's no time left to force the clowns behind this insanity to be held accountable for their betrayals.

And those doing the betraying?  Why, they count on a complete lack of accountability... which is why their true colors become brighter ever day.

So, what are we to do?  The establishment scum running the local GOP want us to have blind allegiance to Der F├╝hrer and his party line, no matter what these fake Republicans do... or how they go about doing it.

We can't question the authority.  We can't point out the damage they've done.  We can't question the motives or the lies.  We can't point out that lowlife's like Rivers and Wilson are far less "Republican" then, well, *I* am.

Those of us who do ask those questions are attacked.  We are vilified.  OUR motives are questioned, as if asking why someone we busted our asses to get elected lied to us... repeatedly... and treated us like dirt as a result.

When we act by voting against corrupt incumbents, That makes us generally and me particularly someone the Chairs states:
You are not conservative nor a Republican. I don't answer to you or your followers. You've crossed too many lines and too many lied[sic} and you have no welcome place in this community. ... 
I mean this completely sincerely, this world would be better without people like you. I hope you have a heart change sometime and become a decent human being. And I'm sorry for anyone who has to know you as you are.
Well, if I'm sorry, it's because Davey has obviously suffered brains damage by failing to apply these same sentiments to himself, since he is guilty of each and every one of them.

But to be a Davey is to be a hypocrite.

This moron trashes me every hour on the hour.  Says a version of the same thing every time.  All while forgetting his own little episodes of lies, half truths, exaggerations and threats.

Odd that he can be so judgmental about others all while holding himself out as blameless.

Odd, indeed.

I am attacked by a know-nothing no one ever heard of before with the political experience of a rock ape... and a seething hatred of all things conservative who shows a frightening level of ignorance on a wide variety of subjects, from handling party finances to political strategies (remember when he kept telling us that clueless idiot in the 45th was actually going to win?)

...a punk with so little political knowledge that he blew off the Attorney General's law suit and simply ignored the court date, resulting in a default judgment being entered.  Sadly, he was so ignorant about local office holders that he listed Doug Lasher, DEMOCRAT county treasurer for, oh, the last 34 years or so, as a Republican.
Screen capture from the GOP website from a post put up by Gellatly
Further, ol' Davey doesn't want anyone in the GOP to run against my moronic, banned for life from running his own campaign finances, brother-in-law.  I've asked him about that, since that idiot is a self-professed non-Republican.  And what am I told?

Screen capture of a recent chat with the Dear Leader himself, Gellatly.
The irony here is that Gellatly has no problem lying, making up crap and attacking fellow Republicans when they don't want to go along with his program... going so far as to line himself up for a serious ass kicking in court because this nimrod ACTUALLY SUED A PCO.

Yeah.  That's leadership.

The demand that we just shut up, sit down and ignore the corruption they do... and spew... is simply not possible.

Unless you're a fake Republican like those running the show down here.

And how sad is that?

Don't get mad when you read this, Davey.  After all, to hear you tell it?

No one else will.

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